Saturday, September 29, 2007

Halloween pincushion # 5 and the give~away winners are.....

.....Nancy and Kristy! I knew this would be a tough choice and most guessed the bat. The next pincushion is a witch's broom. I simply made the broom part out of the felt and use a twig for the handle. This one will really look cute with the witch's hat.

I decided since only two people guessed right that I will make a Halloween pincushion for them both. Congratulations to Nancy and Kristy.

A New Broom
~~ Witt Wittmann ~~

I bought a new broom today
and swept the cobwebs down,
A thick accumulation of dregs,
a mass of tangles and smut.
I whisked a conglomeration of dust
that forever stuck—inaccessible.
Lifted the rug under which was hidden
years of grime that
Made traversing treacherous
with things that trip you up.
I rolled that rug and cast it off
and pitched the whole mess out.
I bought a new broom today
and mucked about the house.
Gone are the indignities that cannot be untwined
from the unfulfilled goals and dreams,
Cleared the place of bitter resentments
secured with insecurities.
Shackling phobias, permanently pitched
with a flick of bristles strawy,
Dismal doubts and grubby grudges
all brushed not so effortlessly away.
I bought a new broom today
and swept the corners of my brain.


Christine said...

Heidi your pin cushions are fantastic!! Wow, your talent and creativity have no limits.

Congrats to Nancy and Kristy.

Nancy said...

Heidi I love the broom and the poem! I am jumping up and down with excitement that I am to receive one of your pin cushions. You made my day!

Hope you are having a good weekend,

Anonymous said...

What a creative idea. The broom is just poised ready to fly. I love the colour.
I wonder if there are any more :>)
The poem is so lovely, I read it several times over. Is the poet Dutch? His name sounds like it.
Hugs, Angela

Nancy said...

This came out so cute Heidi. I know the winners will be so happy.
You really need to make Zoe a pumkin thou, she lovvvved it. Her words, not mine today on skype. haha.
Love you, Mom

Kristen said...

Yeah! I never win anything. This came out soooo cute! I love the handle of the broom and it sets just perfect! You should be making patterns and opening up your own little shop. :) Love you! Kristy

Mandie said...

This is SOOO cute! And I was the first to see it! :o) Congrats to the winners! Especially my sissy! Love you!

Solstitches said...

I'm too late to enter any draw but just wanted to tell you that your pincushions are so cute and to congratulate the lucky winners who I'm sure are going to treasure them.


Unknown said...

I just had to say how fantastic I think your Halloween pincushions are. I especially like the witches hat and the little ghostie!

I might have to find a way to make some time to make something like this for our Halloween collection.

Jackie (chl)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You know, I was going to put broom, but then I thought "naw, that would be impossible!" As it turns out, nothing is impossible for you! This is too cute! You are just too clever! xo, Becky

Betty Lou said...

Great poem and cute pincushion. I still say you should put them in a pattern and then you could do a series of holiday pincushions. Just sweep the cobwebs of your brain.