Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh no! A new fun hobby, lace and a quilt

I went shopping yesterday with my friend Sonja. We went to a really nice village called Elburg to buy her some linen she needs for a stitching project. The needlework shop was closed as they are away on vacation. I took her to a bead shop to look for some fun charms to use on pinkeeps not suspecting the danger. We bought a bag full each and decided to try making a fob. I do love the one Mary Kathryn made for me! Well, I do not need another hobby but this is so much fun. I helped Sonja make some for gifts as I was invited to go have dinner with her. They work up so quickly and the man in the shop said we already had lots of fun while picking them out which was so true. You can see the shop at this link: .

Here is the progress on my newest lace ornament. I have not done my bobbin lace as much lately and I can really feel it. My fingertips are sore from pushing the pins in the prikking. I am using an off white linen thread with a gold metallic gimp running around the outside edge of the star.

This picture is a bit blurred but I wanted to show you a close~up. Diane asked me if the colored pins were beads. They are not beads although you can add to bobbin lace. These are colored head pins which are placed in certain spots as you need to remove them earlier or to create a little bit bigger hole for example when making picots.

This is a piece of lace I made a number of years ago with Sonja. We decided to make something very seasonal for the autumn.

Finally, here is a photo of my sideboard at my front door. I am using this quilt combined with the plumpkins we made many autumns ago with my quilt group. This is a free online project from Debbie Mumm. They are so much fun to make and you don't have to be a quilter to try it out. See this link for the instructions:


Anonymous said...

that i love quilting was just there
waiting for you. I remember when
you made the welcome fall. some of your ladies did it in dutch.
very pretty.
love mom

Anonymous said...

HI Sonja:
Glad you like your dmc thread. Just what Heidi needed, another project., hahaha.
Love Nancy

Nancy said...

Beautiful Autumn display Heidi! I love the lace toadstools. Your bobbin lace star is going to be beautiful with the gold edge, and nice fob too. Don't you love projects? Fun, fun!

Kristen said...

Very nice Autumn display! And Haali says you did great on your scissors! I love the fob too! You always inspire me!

Tanya Willis Anderson said...

We had a wee bit of Autumn this morning and it should get abit cooler over the next few days with Saturday's high being 74 - can't wait! THEN I can think pumpkins more. LOL I enjoy your pictures so much - your Blog is inspiring.


DaisyGirl said...

Your beaded scissor fob looks great, yes I could see that becoming another hobby! I tried making jewerly once with beads, I ended up giving all my supplies to my sister, I just didn't enjoy the beaded stuff as much. Oh well, more money for cross stitch! haha

Carmen said...

Wat grappig, ik woon erg dichtbij Elburg. Ik wist niet dat er een kralenwinkel in Elburg was.