Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Santa mirror

I stitched this series of Santas over the first 10 years of DH and I being together. Normally I have them sitting in a disply with a miniature tree and sleigh but this year wanted to do something different with them. I have created a Santa mirror by our front door. They are hung in a garland and wreather over the mirror. The tall painted Santa is one my mother made for me. He looks so cute standing by this tall mirror.

I believe in Santa.....do you?


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi,

The Santas you have stitched are so beautiful! You have created another very lovely holiday display for your home. Jos must love to come home to see how you have fixed things during the day.

Have fun,

Susimac said...

What a wonderful display of Santas, I love the way you have shown them.