Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I must have been a good girl this year!

...or I have really good friends...or both! Look what the postman dropped off at my house. I feel so very spoiled with all this wonderful stash as a Christmas gift. It was so fun to go through it all. Thanks so very much to my friend Joni! I am so glad we 'met' on our stitching list and proud to call you a friend.


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi,

I think it's both! You have been a good girl and Joni is a good friend. Enjoy your new things!


Anonymous said...

You are so very welcome and, yes, Nancy is right... you have been a good girl (and good friend)! I thought you would enjoy the autumn-y colors of the threads and I know you have been trying out the overdyeds so here is a variety for you to try.

Anonymous said...

You and Joni are two of the nicest friends anyone could hope to have. I look forward to another lovely year in the company of both of you.