Friday, December 15, 2006

My lace Christmas corner

This is my lace corner for the holidays. I love making bobbin lace ornaments. There are also a few ornaments made by my mother on her embroidery machine and a crochet ornament given to me as a gift by my niece.

This tree is the same tree used for the autumn if you read my blog regularly. It is fun to use it for the various themes and seasons.

The angel is 'Angel of Hope' from Lavender and Lace. I seem to like her earlier angels the best. I think it is because I still remember the excitement of visiting my parents in the States and discovering these designs for the first time.

The lace tree lit up in the evening gives a really romantic look. The lace catches the light beautifully.

Some detail photos of the lace for those who like bobbin lace.

Some ornaments take days of work while others can be made up in just an afternoon.

I used an ivory linen thread combined with various thicknesses of metallic gold thread for my ornaments.

This is actually to wrap around a candle but I loved using it in the tree. It was made with thick metallic thread.


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine the amount of time you put into these beautiful ornaments! They are so wonderful and I love the 3D effect. I can't imagine working with thick metallic thread, either!

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi,

The only word I can think of is breathtaking! Your lace ornaments are exquisite, and I can't even imagine making these. Your Angel of Hope is lovely, and I love the angel feather wings at the top of your tree. Thank you so much for sharing this.


Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi, I feel very privileged to be able to see your beautiful work, you have an outstanding talent and what is so nice you are more than willing to share it with everyone. Your home is a dream and I am so happy to know you. Keep happy and healthy Heidi. Love Hazel

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Your lace ornaments are beautiful. Your whole home is a masterpiece of beauty. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. I feel like I have actually been into your home in person.


Lisa said...

Just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oh, such pretty ornaments!! The picture of the tree in the evening looks soooo cosy!!

Susimac said...

Exquisite!! Your ornaments are lovely, what a talented lady you are, thankyou for sharing your pictuers of your work.

Peg said...

Heidi, your talents are endless, I'm just waiting to see what talent you reveal next! Your home must be so very warm and welcoming. Thank you for sharing :o)

hugs Peg