Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Crazy quilt tablerunner

Here is a photo of my crazy quilt Christmas tablerunner. I created this by sewing 4 diamond shaped crazy quilted pieces together and adding a border. I used metallic quilt fabrics only on this project.

The crazy quilting is finished by adding various ribbons and trims found at Christmas time (these are not expensive trims but those used for wrapping gifts) and a few from a French style habedashery. I wanted to create a more modern version of crazy quilting by using only the ribbons and trims instead of any fancy stitches. This piece is one I created for a workshop I gave to stimulate interest in the craft of crazy quilting by looking at it in a little different way.

The first photo shows this quilt on show for the workshop while the second photo is the arrangement I have on my dining room table this year.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE crazy quilts Heidi! I have never seen one done with trims rather than the stitches, and it really creates a beautiful effect. Your table runner is gorgeous! Who are the little guys in the green hats?


Anonymous said...

Your crazy quilt is just lovely and so colourful. I love this Victorian craft. I have 2 lovely old books called Victorian Patchwork and Victorian Crafts and they both feature these pretty quilts.
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Crazy quilts are so cool to look at ~ you always find something new to 'see' in it :) My grandmother has an old one from her family which is really fragile. I like your centerpiece!

Terri said...

That turned out very pretty. You're so creative!