Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas angels

This was my bargain find of this year. I got these in August while in Brugge (Bruges), Belgium at a Christmas shop. I just fell in love with them and they were really affordable. The lady told me they made a mistake when ordering them. Someone added an extra '0' to the amount ordered and they had them marked down low as they had too many. I was thrilled and bought them to give as a 'Christmas card' for my group. I just printed out a little tag and tied it to the angel with a raffia bow.

I am so happy to say I am going to Brugge again on Tuesday for a one night stay to see it lit for Christmas. I can't wait and it will be a nice break after this busy time.


Anonymous said...

What sweet little angels! Your group is going to love them!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes we love them very much and we had a wonderful evening. Lots of thanks, Heidi

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea for a Christmas card. The angels are so sweet! I want to go to Brugge with you Heidi!


Anonymous said...

These are darling. They remind me a wee bit of the little dolls that I'm giving as my free gift with orders but they aren't angels. Yours are so special - hope you can find more in your travels! You find the neatest stuff :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a clever and original idea. What a wonderful gift to receive. That zero must have been accidently added on just for you :>)
Hugs, Angela

Susimac said...

What an original idea, I bet your group loves them - really lovely!!