Sunday, October 14, 2007

Doll's quilt finish

A quilter's life is never easy! Look what I have to contend with ~ LOL! Dagi, my quilt tester, will test any quilt no matter the size. He jumped onto this doll's quilt when I stood up and put it on my footstool. When I came back, he was giving me his Clint Eastwood impression ~ "Go ahead, make my day". I did get it away from him so that I could finish quilting it.

Here is the finished doll's quilt. This quilt is done with scraps from my scrapbox including purples, reds, black and I choose a mustard for the wide border. I wanted this quilt to have a vintage look to it. Many of the fabrics are reproduction fabrics. I have not decided on a name for it yet so it doesn't have a label yet. Any suggestions?


Nancy said...

No suggestions from me, I am not good at picking names. You named my blog. It is very cute and the
C A T would name it Adigo's quilt.
haha. After all, he is a doll.
I like the book too.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I think this is so pretty and so does Dagi, obviously! This is the one that reminded me of the rows of flowers (they were tulips) that I saw growing in Holland, MI. How about Flower Fields? I have never named a quilt before, so have no idea what you are going for...ha ha! It is so pretty. And, I think Dagi is saying, "aren't I just as pretty....huh? huh?"

crazyhaberdasher said...

Well it certainly has Dagi's paw of approval. "Pretty Maids all in a row" perhaps (taken from the nursery rhyme) - but I have never named a quilt before either - I suppose that is too long for a name - I tried anyway.

Nancy said...

Heidi this is gorgeous - yes both the quilt and Dagi! I love the fabric combination you have used. As for a name I pick Dagi's Choice.

Mandie said...

Ok...Zoe says it should be the Zoe Pickle doll quilt! LOL I think it should be the Autumn Admiration quilt since it has such a nice array of fall colors! :o) Love you!

Mandie and Zoe

Solstitches said...

I just love that Dagi laid claim to the quilt even before the photo shoot LOL.
It's a gorgeous little quilt.
Little Ribbons is my suggestion for a name.


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of "ladders" to somewhere. So I was thinking of Ladders to Happiness or Climbing Flowers - something like that.

I used to have a cat who would try to fit into the tinest boxes. No matter what size box I'd put on the floor, she thought she could fit into it - LOL!

Linda in VA

Teresa said...

Love the cat and the quilt. My cats like to get under the quilts.

Anonymous said...

Heidi....your doll quilt is adorable and so is Dagi. He has such a handsome face. Kinda has a siamese shape to his face.

Sue M

Anonymous said...

I love your pretty quilt so am not at all surprised that Dagi chose it to snuggle down on. Like Linda, the design made me think of ladders and climbing up but just as I was about to put down a suggestion that included ladders another popped into my mind. So I'm going to suggest Autumn Line Dance. I really love those autumnal tones.
Hugs, Angela

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Ok, as corney as this may about Dag-gummit! That is what Dagi said when he had to scoot off of the quilt! ha.

I love your quilt Heidi. Great color choices!

I am off to do some x stitching. Can you believe that?


Janice said...

It's beautiful!!! I like Nancy's suggestion in calling it 'Dagi's Choice'...too cute (both cat and quilt). Blessings!

Lucy said...

What a lovely doll quilt!!

Anonymous said...

Blankets in my wardrobe?