Monday, October 01, 2007

October resolutions

If you read my other blog, perhaps you already read about wanting to make a sort of New Year's Day out of the first of the month. I am making some resolutions about things I was at achieve for this month. My quilt studio is a disgrace! It was bad before but when I started working on Christmas gifts and added the inspiration to make all the pincushions.....well, let's say that the room should now be condemned. It is beyond messy. I have little space to move and am really in need of reorganization.

One problem has been that I have partially sorted and set apart things that need doing. One thing is a couple of quilts made some time ago which I did not label. It has become a pet peeve for me that I did not document my earlier quilts. I now do each quilt as it is completed or I cannot call it finished. This saves on wasted energy like I had this morning with the quilt you see above. It is the first on my list. I had to search for the date I made this quilt. I did it back in 2005.

Once I discovered the date, I made a quilt label for it which took only mintues as I decided to use a premade label I had in my drawer. From now on, I will be labeling each one as part of the quilting process.

It is so important to be sure you document a quilt for future generations. I am going to start labeling the back on my needlework now too. I can simply create a label to attach to the back of a frame. One of the advantages to blogging, is we can look back and see there when we finished projects. I never used to keep a journal but now see it is not a bad idea after all.

*** Please continue to guess for the autumn pincushion give~away on the previous post. I will be announcing who guessed the most correctly when I have the next pincushion sewn which should be later on tonight. See you then..... ***


Nancy said...

This is a gorgeous quilt Heidi! I love the unique color combination.

Nancy said...

If you want to see a messy sewing room, you need to see mine. I had all my fabric out for Eric to pick for his quilt. I have scrapbooks
waiting to be done and now adding Christmas gifts. AHHHHHHHHHHH,
Love you, Mom
PS: I have seen this quilt and it is beautiful

Karen said...

Heidi I love this idea of thinking of the 1st of the month as a New Years Day and making resolutions for the coming month. I'm going to give this a try and maybe it will help organize my thoughts and projects.

You should check my archive on my blog if you haven't seen what a mess my sewing room was in for awhile. I've managed to keep it clean so far, but it's full right now of things from the bedroom and bathroom that was repainted and I need to sort through that stuff this week. It's hard to sew when the room is out of whack. SOunds like you have really gotten a jump start on your holiday sewing. You go girl.

Hugs - Karen

Kristen said...

I LOVE this quilt! The colors are beautifully mixed! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! Wow, you have some great projects just waiting to be finished! :)

Solstitches said...

I think just about all of us can probably relate to the messy workspace!
No sooner do I get mine tidied up than I start pulling everything out again.
The quilt is gorgeous Heidi.
Well done on your resolve to label all your quilts. It will save someone wondering in the future.

Anonymous said...

You have become a crafting machine, pumping out so many beautiful things. I like the red, white, and blue quilt. It reminds you of your roots(regardless of being transplanted). Ha! Ha!
Love, Bull