Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some spring cleaning and a couple of finishes!

As I mentioned before, the results of me being an elf in Santa's workshop is one very messy quilt studio. It is so bad that I would have been totally embarrassed to show you photos of it. I am really not kidding! I decided I needed to make some space to be able to walk after almost falling over piles and mess. I must admit that I have cheated a bit and much of the mess is transferred to the guest room to be sorted. Good thing my mother is not on her way to visit. LOL! I am making progress.

I did cheat a bit and did two quick finishes. Firstly, I found this small piece of stitching that I did about 16 years ago. I figured this little primitive angel needed to become a pinkeep so I put her together earlier this week. She still did not have any ribbon or pins so I took a 'break' from the work for some fun and finished her off.

The backing fabric is a simple blue polkadot with a soft blue ribbon and blue and white pins. I topped it off with a bow of white and blue ribbon.

This is a piece of a bread cloth I had also sewn about 16 or more years ago. The cloth had become just too stained and I cut the little design off and have turned this little ghost into an ornament for my Halloween tree. If you click on the photos you can see the details. I fringed him and then sewed it to a square of black felt.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Heidi, household chores sometimes interrupt our very important craftwork and we have to take a break to tidy up...haha! Just don't make a habit of it :>)I love your little angel, it's so pretty and looks perfect finished off with that soft blue dotty fabric. It's so nice to see the little Halloween casper being recycled and given a new lease of life - er, can a ghost have a lease of life - it's something to ponder...haha!
Hugs, Angela

Kristen said...

I love the angel! It is precious. I know what you mean about putting off "fun" finishes to work on other projects. I am in the middle of so many projects that I have quite a pile building. Hmmm... We should start a craft organization tip pass along.

Jeanne said...

Hi Heidi,
Not sure if my comment got through to you the other day. Your needlework is beautiful and I'd like to subscribe to this blog using Bloglines -- but you don't have any feeds open. The settings on this blog must somehow be different than your Celebrate the Seasons, cause I can get that one just fine. If possible, I'd sure appreciate it if you could change the feed settings here on Needlework Necessities, so I don't miss anything. This would be changed through your Blogger Dashboard/Settings/Site Feed.
Thanks ~ Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Yes, you got it! Thank you -- I'm now your first official subscriber.

Keep sharing these lovely projects -- I'm already inspired to try an acorn and/or a toadstool.

Jeanne :)

Nancy said...

This is quite a combination, an angel and a halloween ghost. I love Angela's comments, she gives them good thought, cute about the ghost. The are both very cute finishes. I started a waiting project today also. It is cooler here now, and easier to work in my sewing room. I can't stop knitting though, Eric wants his next sweater and Bill put his order in for another one. Oh well, guess I keep working.
love Mom

Nancy said...

Your angel is so sweet Heidi! She makes a lovely pinkeep. Like your ghost too.

I have a closet full of shelves, and each shelf is just as much a mess as it sounds your quilt room is. I think my resolution for 2008 is to finish all the projects I have started before I start a new one!

Tanya said...

Cute angel finish! The ghost is spooooky :) Smart of you to take the breadcloth and still use part of it. Enjoy your Thursday.


Becky K in OK said...

Both are so cute. Great finishing.

Peg said...

My darling Heidi, how nice to see your comment on my blog. I seem to get so snowed under with so much happening at the moment so blogging is the best way to stay in touch with my wonderful internet friends.
I have been inspired by the beautiful creational talent that is in abundance in the blogging world.
I had lost the link to your blog but now have it again so will visit again soon. Your talents never cease to amaze me, beautiful as ever.
Take care
hugs Peg x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

It is more fun to stitch than clean! Love your little projects! Cute as always! I'm going to do a post - probably on Monday - of some things I stitched......Have a great weekend. xo, Becky PS: I met your mother and saw your pic on her blog! You are so cute and kind of remind me of my father's sweetheart! :)

Karen said...

You've been busy Heidi. Between all of your darling pin cushions and then playing Santa's workshop also. No matter how hard I try when I'm sewing - a mess is a for sure thing by the end of the day and it only gets worse before the project is done, LOL.

Hugs - karen

Anonymous said...

very nice angel!!!
I love your new pinkeep
happy stitching

Anonymous said...

Great job on both pieces, Heidi! Your finishing is so nice.

Solstitches said...

The little angel waited a long time to be turned into something so beautiful and the ghost is really cute too.
I think I need to pull out some of my ancient pieces and see what I can do with them.