Friday, October 26, 2007

Progressing along.....

I have been really busy these last few weeks but am unable to share any of the finishes since they are Christmas gifts and exchange gifts. I will share photos later in the year after the items have been received. It is no fun to have to keep these things a secret as I love sharing the photos. I did want to show a few things I am working on.

Here is the most adorable stanley knife I have ever seen. Not the boring old ones in your DHs toolbox. Up to now I have used a cheap orange plastic hobby knife to cut my board for things like pinkeeps. When I was out on Tuesday, I found this one. Sorry the photo is blurred. Can you believe I took around 10 photos of which all were blurred! This is just a good bit of fun for my quilt studio.

I do have to confess that I spent far too much time behind the computer this week. I talked online with my family and Jos who is in England at the moment. That meant more time here than normal and I decided to leave this stitching project beside the computer. When I am talking with them, I work on it. It is not a fast moving project though and I need to devote more time to it. This will become a little pillow for the bed. It will go really well with the quilt I made.

Here are a few new fobs I made with the charms and beads I bought this week. My mother and both nieces want one so I am working on them. Since they are a 'just because' gift and not really a surprise, I am showing them. One of these is for Mandie and the other for Kristy. I have to put my mother's together differently and have not started it yet. I also made a fob to give away for my other birthday's blog in November. It is great to have it done ahead of time. This way, I can drop it in the mail as soon as the winning name is drawn.


Kristen said...

OH YEAHHHH!!! Love them! The fobs are gorgeous! I have never seen a blade trimmer like that one! It is adorable! Where did you find it? You are such a busy elf! :)

Nancy said...

Yes Heidi, the knife is adorable! I wonder if they have those in the US?

It looks like yet another pretty project you are working on.

And, your beaded fobs are beautiful! The beads you have used are exquisite.

Anonymous said...

Your beaded fobs really are lovely and are perfect for Just because gifts. I really would love to know how to make these. I love the way they can be personalized with little charms or even those beads with letters on.
What a great idea to leave a project by the computer. I waste so much time while things download or pictures to attach that I probably could have completed several projects while waiting :>) I'm going to do this straight away :>)
Hugs, Angela

Nancy said...

That knife is soooo neat. I have never seen them here. I never looked in our bead department for them but maybe I will now. I bet Kristy wants one now.
The fobs are coming out so cute. Can I see mine now?????? haha. I bet it will have a towman on it.
Love you, Mom

Janice said...

What a lovely blade trimmer! Isn't it wonderful that things like that are made for us girls who like pretty things to work with?! :o) Heidi, I love the bead work, but do not know what a 'fob' is...can you please let me know? Thank you!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

THAT is the CUTEST cutter I've ever seen! How sweet is that?!

And I love your fobs!

Solstitches said...

Love your girlie stanley knife Heidi. I think you can get all kinds of tool sets in pink these days but I'd be useless with any kind of tool unless it be for sewing. My DH has to cut all my card for my pinkeeps :)
Your fobs are gorgeous. My daughter has promised to take me to a bead bar when I am in UK in December. I'd love to have a go at something like this.


Anonymous said...

The fobs are so pretty! Another talent you possess! I love beads and the little tea cup and saucer is so cute! That blade is such a neat find, all we have are the dull gray ones of DH's. The blades make me nervous, so I will not run out and find a pretty one like yours just yet! LOL I leave all the cutting to DH. He is annoyed to cut my mat boards, I'll be honest.

Anonymous said...

I have a hammer, tape measure and scissors that match that knife