Monday, August 06, 2007

Sharing an old finish...

This is an old finish that I finally could really call a finish today. I feel a quilt is not finished if it does not have a label as I have mentioned before. It is something I used to not always get to before and have quilts I need to go back to document with labels. Nowadays, I do them as I make the quilts or I don't call them finished.

This was the swap project I did with my quilt group last year. We are all finishing them off now and although I had done the hand quilting a couple of months ago, I had to wait until I had all the signatures for the quilt label. Two of the older members in our group are having some health problems and I had to wait until they were here and able to sign this label. I am happy to say I finally sewed the label to the back of the quilt today.

For my log cabin blocks, I choose the colors of reds and browns. Each lady signed up made a block for me in my colors and I one for them in their color choice. The results in the group have really been great and each quilt has turned out so beautifully.

I used one of the log cabin blocks in the quilt label along with a poem I found online:

Quilting Bee

In Fellowship they meet,
Their long days to invest,
Snipping and sewing, only slowing
To visit, to eat or rest.

Calico scraps, heaped on laps,
Each one an exact size and hue.
Fingers nimble with thread and thimble,
Create pretty patterns anew.

Heads bent to the task, you need not ask
If these ladies love to quilt.
Their talented touch, expresses as much
As piece onto piece it is built.

Friends try to perceive who will receive
Each quilt that is stitched from the heart,
With needlework fine, the patterns entwined
A treasure, a true work of art.

(Author: unknown)

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Kristen said...

Heidi, I love this quilt! It is even more special because you all worked on it together. What a great memory you have to go along with the quilt! I love the colors! The poem is wonderful as well! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Nancy said...

Heidi your quilt is beautiful! What a masterpiece, and I love the colors. I enjoyed reading the poem, and I love all the ladies' names!


Anonymous said...

Since i know all the ladies, it is very special to see all their signatures. That is a beautiful quilt.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

HI again:
I had to come back to comment again, I just noticed what chair this is on. Ha Ha. Good job of leather polishing jos.
Love Mom

Tammy said...

Just gorgeous - and what a special remembrance to have everyone's signatures on the label!

Solstitches said...

Heidi, this quilt is just gorgeous!
I can see a log cabin somewhere in my future for sure.
The colours you asked everyone to use are just stunning and how beautifully the quilt is photographed.
The poem is beautiful and just the perfect addition to this post.

Anonymous said...

This quilt is just a treasure! I adore the colors and the fabrics are so beautiful up close! I love the quilt label with all the signatures! Boy, you sure know how to do things right!