Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun mail!

Well, now I know what it will feel like perhaps for Hazel, Roberta and Joni when their gifts arrive. I went to pick up the mail that dropped on my doormat. (Yes, we have a slot in our front door and the mail is dropped through it.) There was an envelope from Mary Kathryn ( containing the sweetest handmade beaded scissor fob. I had won this on her blog. I put it on one of my scissor right away and here is a photo of it. It is just so adorable! Thank you so much Mary Kathryn!

And speaking of blogs and give~aways, I wanted Roberta and Joni to know their gifts are on the way and Hazel's will be out soon.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you to receive a beautiful hand-made fob from Mary Kathryn!! What a pleasant drop thru the mail slot, huh?

Kristen said...

This is precious! I just love it! So cute!

Anonymous said...

I loved this one! It's the one I thought was the prettiest and most original looking of all of them. I'm so glad that you got this one!


Solstitches said...

Happy for you that you won such lovely prize Heidi.
Enjoy your new fob. It is very pretty.

Tanya Willis Anderson said...

The colors of this fob are beautiful ~ congrads on your win!