Sunday, August 05, 2007

Marquoir Marie~Rose part six

Here is the completed part 6 of my Marquoir Marie~Rose. This part was the mirror image of part 5. I am started on part 7 and cannot believe we are now rounding the bottom corner. This sampler will now be finished soon. I will have to start thinking about looking at frames now.


Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy, Kristie, Mandy and Zoe,
It was nice talking to you last week. And it was nice that Mandy used her webcam so could see you and Zoe!
Groetjes Sonja

Nancy said...

Heidi this sampler is really beautiful! Aren't you pleased with your color choices? I think they are stunning together. I'll be anxious to see how you frame this.


Kristen said...

This is a wonderful work of art! I love your color choices. They and the fabric complement each other well without distracting from one another. Beautiful!

Solstitches said...

It has been nice seeing this sampler unfold.
Beautiful stitching Heidi as always.


Suzann said...

This just gets more beautful each time you show it.


Anonymous said...

It looks terrific! I can hardly believe you are almost done, too! What are you thinking for frames? A certain color? Very, very pretty!