Saturday, January 27, 2007

A quilter's poem and stitcher's thought

Little Bits of Fabric

Little bits of fabric
Sewn into a quilt
Form a warm and loving blanket
From which memories are built.
And when you seek peace and comfort
In the quiet of the night
It will keep you warm and snug
Until the morning's light.

(Author: unknown)

Take a moment today to reflect on knowing that what you make today to use or hang in your home will become an heirloom tomorrow. Savour each moment you spend on your hobbies. Become one with the thread and sew a bit of your heart into it with each and every stitch.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the greatest pleasures of exchanging handcrafted gifts with friends, knowing that every stitch has been made with someone special in mind. When we give our gift, we give part of ourselves.
Hugs, as ever, Angela

Terri said...

That's a lovely sentiment Heidi. I like it very much.

The angel by the porch is mine. Joe gave it to me years ago as an anniversary gift and I love her. The movers never do though! LOL

Solstitches said...

What a sweet poem - I love it.
You always find the neatest things to share on your blog making it such a pleasure to visit.

Unknown said...

hi heide i yust love your poem i.m a quilter also thank you for sharing it helen