Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pinkeep is finished!

WooHoo! The pinkeep is finished and I am so pleased with its very cheerful look! How is this to brighten a February day? Also on this photo, you can see a pretty crazy quilt pincushion I got in a Christmas gift exchange from my quilt group a couple of years ago. The colors looked nice with the pinkeep. Also shown is a thread holder in the form of a robin. You can see the thread holders which are handmade at: . I have three of them and love them.
I used a scrap of quilt fabric once again for the back. I wanted to base the colors of the fabric on the trim.
This is the trim I found while I was in Brugge last month. I fell in love with it and am so happy it worked for the first pinkeep of this year. The ribbon used for the bow is from my stash and I happened to have colors that match the coloring of the trim. The glass head pins are from a find when I last went to Utrecht. It is fun when everything comes together like this.

Someone asked for a link to this Bent Creek free chart. It can be found at: .


Anonymous said...

well, you made this groundhog design into something more spectacular! That ribbon is so beautiful AND the perfect color, as well as the fabric and bow!! It is wonderfully done, as usual!

Nancy said...

Hello Heidi,

Your groundhog pinkeep turned out beautiful! Everything goes together so well. I especially love the trim you found in Brugge. And, I still love the little shadow on this design!


Anonymous said...

What a really pretty pinkeep. Bringing together the fabric, trim, ribbons and pins must have been very satisfying. It looks so bright and full of colour.
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Hallo Heidi,
Het is telkens weer genieten om jouw handwerk te zien! liefs Sonja

Mary Kathryn said...


Your pinkeep is darling. I love the colors you've trimmed it with.


Anonymous said...

Mr Ground Hog is adorable..
As always you do such beautiful work.
Can you please tell me what exactly is a 'pin keep'?
Liz V

Susimac said...

Its such a cute pinkeep and your finishing is wonderful!!

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Totally adorable congrats on the finish. Happy Stitching, CJ

Annemarie said...

Oh Heidi, your Groundhog turned out soooo cute! And what a lovely, lovely finish. Well done you!

Renee said...

This pinkeep is lovely really. On several blogs I read how a talented and friendly lady you are, and truly your blog is full of gems. I do love to browse through it. I'm French and my blog is written both in French and English. So maybe once you could find something interesting for you there too. I'm ready to send charts with typical French inspiration if you need or wish them. I'll come and visit you soon again, and I wish that we stay in touch.

Terri said...

Your little ground hog turned out cute! Do they celebrate Groundhog day there? Do they even have Ground hogs there? LOL

Thank you for the link to the other site, too. I will enjoy looking through everything there.