Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My stitching and quilting corner

This is my spot in the living room where I sit and either stitch or do my hand quilting. It is on the couch and I have a lamp that I can pull right over to my work from IKEA. It gives really great light. I also have a wooden footstool which I use sometimes with a pillow on it to put my feet up. I also read here sometimes although I have a reading corner up in my bedroom with a very comfortable oversized chair and ottoman. The current book on my table here is "The Stillmeadow Road" by Gladys Taber.

Where is your stitching or quilting corner? If you read in the same area, what book do you have sitting there at the moment? I would love to hear about or see your spot in your home.
The 'little man' you see on my spot on the couch is my cat Dagi. He is such a cutie. Just look at that face! My husband says he is never more than 10 feet from me these days. He loves my spot and tries to take it over as soon as I get up.


Tracy said...

Heidi, I love your Dagi...such a sweet face! I have 3 kitties myself. Oh and I'm reading Stillmeadow Road, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Dagi is definitely looking up at you and wondering why, on earth,you are wasting your time with a camera instead of sitting on your favourite couch giving him a rub.He really is beautiful and your corner looks so inviting.
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Dagi is such a cutie! Your quilting corner looks like a nice and cosy spot.

Nancy said...

So comfy looking Heidi! Dagi is just beautiful!


Terri said...

I love Ikea, but the nearest one is 3 hours away. My evil SIL emails me the semi-annual sale notice...sigh.

I also love those Gladys Tabor books. Have you read them before? There are cookbooks too, you know.

Dagi has an unusual face, I think. He's very proud looking and handsome.


Anonymous said...

I must say Dagi matches your couch purrrrfectly!!! Looks like a sweet kitty.
I, too, enjoy Taber's books. Wish she had written more of them.

Anonymous said...

I just love Dagi, I would love to see him in person, he is such a lion!! I know he is really a lamb, though! I loved seeing your cozy area, won't show you mine....WHAT A MESS!!!

Barb said...

What a sweet pretty kitty. My cat likes my chair too when I'm not in it.