Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This was my first pinkeep

I showed you my latest pinkeep a couple of days ago. It was only the second one I have ever made. I made one last Christmas as an exchange gift and loved how it turned out so had always planned to make one for myself also. The exchange gift was for someone in my quilt group and I wanted it to reflect the year's theme which was 'The Amish and their Quilts'. The front was Amish clothes and hats while the back had the theme title and date on it.

Since our Christmas exchange was a pincushion, I made a useable 'tuffet pincushion' out of some scraps of my Amish fabrics leftover from making my theme quilt. I wanted the person who received my gift to have a pincushion they could really use also as the pinkeep was just for decoration.

I want to make some pinkeeps as they are so nice when completed. I think my next one will be a Christmas pinkeep. It will be a fun project to plan to make over the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

Heidi, it's just amazing, all your wonderful ideas and they look all so nice. I'm sitting to much behind the computer to look at your site! There is work to do. See you next week. Elly