Friday, October 06, 2006

More Halloween decorations

Again some photos of the Halloween decorations I use. This small tree is now decorated for Halloween. The embroidered felt ornaments were made by my mother and I found the adorable little porceline jack o'lanterns to go with them at a garden center. I then sprinkle tiny orange silk leaves throughout the tree. The witch tree top was a gift from my mother from her visit to Salem, Mass.. I will show you what was done with all the fall flowers, berries, leaves and apples that had been in the fall tree tomorrow as they have become part of a new arrangement.

The fabric pumpkins are so simple to make! They are a craft idea from the Debbie Mumm website. You can find them at
They are also a great idea to do together with kids. First you need a walk outside to find some pieces of branch to use for the stems and then create these fun, fat, squishy little pumpkins.


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi,
Thanks for sharing more of your decorating photos. You have the prettiest ideas, and I love the witch tree topper! I am off to print the directions for the squishy pumpkins - they are adorable! Enjoy your Autumn home.

Anonymous said...

I love those pumpkins! Thanks for posting the link - I've bookmarked it and would love to make them this season. We'll see :)

Annemarie said...

Very nice, Heidi!

Simonetta said...

Uuaaauuuu!!!Very nice,Heidi!The cats on the panel orange tree they are adorable:)))) accompanied with the buttons in theme.... really marvelous!!!

Glenna said...

Love the decorating photos and in particular, the quilts!