Monday, October 16, 2006

Autumn Leaves SAL completed

Last night I placed the finishing stitches in Autumn Leaves. This is a really beautiful design when it is stitched. This has been great fun to work on as a SAL. I hope all who participated are enjoying the autumn that much more having done this SAL. I know that I am savouring the joys of the season! I think working on a project that is from that season has slowed my pace and helped me to see even more around me.

I have an idea about turning this into a small quilt but have to go into my studio in the next few days to play with it and see how it will work out. I will keep posting photos this week of the progress as I go along. I hope you will come back and watch this project grow to a finish.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Heidi!!! I like your quilt idea and looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Anonymous said...

Your completed sampler is gorgeous Heidi! I also feel it has helped me enjoy the Autumn season even more. I loved stitching this sampler while looking out the window at the changing leaves and hearing the acorns hit the roof!

I look forward to seeing your quilt idea take shape. It will be lovely I know.


Anonymous said...

Your Autumn Leaves is beautiful Heidi, so pleased you shared it with us and look forward to seeing how you finish it. I agree working on something Autumn has made me more aware of this special season. We have to make an Autumn collage for our competition at W.I. next month and my mind is working on it as I type. Love the quote as well. Hazel.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty sampler! I love samplers. :)