Friday, October 20, 2006

Pumpkin medallion quilt

This quilt is hanging in my laundry room. It was another quilt I did as an exchange in my quilt group. Everyone was to bring a small square of fabric in a fall color. We then all exchanged our fabric square with each other so that everyone had many different fabrics to use for the leaves. All the quilts, started with the pumpkin center followed by borders in which you could applique the leaves. I encouraged them to change the pattern when they came to the leaves to create something of their own. The original pattern had only 12 leaves and they were set in rows evenly around the quilt.

For my own quilt, I hand appliqued the pumpkin and stuffed the applique work to add depth. I also added vines which I embroidered. I tried to scatter the leaves so that they appeared to have fallen on the quilt. I then drew tiny acorns of my own to add along with the leaves. I was really happy with how this quilt turned out and loved doing the hand quilting especially the cross hatching in the background fabrics.


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! I love that pumpkin quilt. Sure would be fun to come over to your house and see all your quilts in person :) Wish you lived closer!

Anonymous said...


Your pumpkin quilt is stunning! You can even make laundry a pleasure. I agree with Tanya. Maybe we could have a field trip to Holland!


Simonetta said...

Adorable this pumpkin!!! Very beautiful:)))

Peg said...

Heidi your quilt is awsome!!!!!! Like Tanya I would love to be in your home to see all your beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
hugs Peg