Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Miniature quilts

I love miniature quilts and started making them last year. I am making the series as shown in this photo to be displayed together. I have two more I want to make to go with these three. I started making them to go with dolls and my children's sewing machine. I will show you those in the future. This doll was made by my sister years ago. My mother brought it to me on one of her visits and it is very precious as my sister passed away.

I try to use all my hobbies as a part of my home decoration. You will rarely see a quilt or cross stitching being displayed exactly the same from year to year. I think it makes your things look new all over again. I am forever searching for small accessories to place with them also. It makes it so much fun to think up a new display.

I have never made a doll and won two kits from Gail Wilson on eBay. I hope to start one before the end of this year. I keep putting it off but the dolls are replicas of old dolls and are so beautiful.


Lucy said...

Ohh Heidi, I love them so much.And what a great display! Miniquilts are fun to make hè :-)
I made once a angel from Gail Wilson. When I have time I place a picture on my blog. I am a big fan of her. Which patterns do you have??

Anonymous said...

The mini quilts are adorable!
I love the way you have them displayed with the doll your sister made and look forward to seeing pictures of the two you plan on making someday.
As always it has been a pleasure viewing the lovely things you have in your home.

Anonymous said...

What a precious doll and thoe quilts are adorable! I enjoy seeing your work, Heidi. Keep those pics coming :)

Anonymous said...

Exquisite work as always Heidi, and so pleasing to look at. Such a special treasure your doll is - she has such a pretty face.

Thank you for sharing,