Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fun mail!

I received a wonderful gift in the mail from an online friend! She sent me the 2006 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue. I have heard about this many times online but never actually had one myself. I love it! Thank you so much Nancy! Only one do you ever choose which ornament to stitch first???


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi,

I'm so happy you are going to enjoy this magazine of beautiful ornaments! How do you decide which to stitch first? Start at the beginning and work your way to the last!

Have fun,

Annemarie said...

Ah! The Ornie Issue! Isn't it marvellous. Now, as for your question: You'll be surprised at how many times you will have to browse through it before you actually 'know' how many great designs are lurking inside. Sometimes I see some great new ones, stitched by someone else, only to discover that I had that particular design in one of my issues all along! Enjoy!