Friday, September 29, 2006

Stitch finishing ideas

I don't always frame my stitching any longer. It is sometimes fun to try to finish your stitching in very different ways. This is a small Bent Creek design that I finished two years ago for a fall decoration at our cottage up north. Since it is in the middle of nature, I wanted something to reflect where we were. I simply sewed this design with fabric strips for a kind of mini quilt decorating it with large buttons. I then hung it from a child's rake for a real fall effect. It is simple but it really works.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty and very clever Heidi. The pumpkins are gorgeous, and I love the large buttons. Does the child's rake have a bamboo handle? I have never seen one like that. Very nice! You are such an inspiration.

Annemarie said...

Lovely finish, Heidi. I never have my projects framed. It's way too expensive. As a result, of course, there's an impressive stack of finished items in my drawer, waiting to be finish-finished. The rake is a very good idea.

Annemarie said...

Sorry, but here I am again. I just read your entry about the Brontë sisters. I'm an addict as well. Wrote my 'scriptie' about 'Jane Eyre' and did research at the Parsonage!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

That is beautiful and inspirational as well....I might have to steal your creativity!
Love the Bent Creek pumpkin...I think they make the BEST pumpkins of any designers out there! You're definitely a GENIUS!