Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Alter Echo Sampler

I have finally framed my Alter Echo Sampler. I have made sure I can remove it to add more borders if I want to but decided to 'live with it' for a while to see if I like it as it now is. I have been adding borders to extend the sampler. This was such a beautiful chart which was an online freebie. It is really an amazing design by Isa V and you can see her website at:
http://perso.orange.fr/passion.broderie/ . She really has so many beautiful things on her site.
The verse on this sampler is so lovely and you can find a French, German or English version.

The verse in English reads:
Entrusted Heirloom
Upon the still fabric
Where threads interlace
You stitch your handicraft
And crisscross history.
Storms in your heart
Bear heavy upon time,
Many nights are long drawn
offered to the pale dawn.
Lost in thoughts,
Silence as an ally,
You drift off in colours
And dream of better days.
How sweet the stitching
As if in a daydream,
Time as an accomplice flows
And is never weary.
Tomorrow a new canvas,
A fresh breeze in the sails.
The dawn of a new dream
A neverending wellness.
Reflected images,
I encounter your victory!


mainely stitching said...

This looks gorgeous! Wow, what a wonderful heirloom!

Anonymous said...

This looks quite stunning!
Wonderful stitching as always,