Friday, September 15, 2006

Log cabin quilt block swap

My quilt group does a swap project once a year. This year we are swapping log cabin blocks. Each person turned in a piece of fabric for the 'hearth' and listed the colors they wanted to use in their quilt. We each make one block for that person in their colors using our own fabric. The result will be very scrappy quilts in your specific color choice. We will make two a month as we are working on a name rotation so that noone has to do too much at once. Here are a few of the blocks I have made so far. Some are for my own quilt as I need to make at least 9 extra blocks for my quilt to be complete.


Anonymous said...

Heidi these are so pretty! Oh I wish I not only knew how to quilt but had the patience to learn. Oh well maybe some day.

Happy Autumn,

Anonymous said...

The log cabin is my one of my favorite blocks but I haven't tackled one yet myself. My speed is the 9 patch right now! My SIL quilted a log cabin quilt for her bed and I told her she needs to 'learn me how'. LOL
Happy quilting.

Anonymous said...

These blocks will make beautiful quilts! Looking forward to seeing the quilt you make from the blocks you receive.
Sounds like a fun exchange.

Margaret (wannabe quilter)