Sunday, July 01, 2007

Marquoir Marie~Rose part 4

Over the weekend, we had a number of projects to finish up at our weekend cottage. Between the work we did in the garden and changing the hem line in some curtains, I was able to get a start on LHN's Geranium House which I will show you later this week and finish up part four of the Marquoir Marie~Rose. The more I stitch on this one, the more I like it. All the colors are starting to really balance out and compliment each other well. I was concerned after completing part two that I would not be happy with my color choices. Part five is now on Anne~Valerie's blog and I will start it this week but if you would like to use the chart or see the gallery with photos of others also participating, take a look at her blog:


Nancy said...

It's beautiful Heidi! I love your color choices.


Anonymous said...

It is starting to look huge, Heidi! The colors are fantastic and I enjoyed looking at the gallery at Anne-Valerie's blog, too!

Solstitches said...

This is lovely Heidi.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your progress.


Suzann said...

I just love this. The colors remind me of a vintage cottage. I just know it is going to be beyond stunning when you finish it.


Anonymous said...

That looks beautiful, Heidi! It's really coming along nicely.