Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First of this week's finishes...

I want to make a few decorative pillows to use on the bed with our new quilt. As I mentioned yesterday, Geranium House is the first of these. I was able to sew this pillow together today.
The bed still looks very empty but hopefully it will not take too long to have a few more pillows completed.

I used some of the leftovers scraps of fabric from the quilt to sew the pillow. First I sewed an edge of lace in place and then added one of the green fabrics with little pink roses. This really brings out the colors nicely in the design.

For the back of the cushion, I decided to make a nine~patch patchwork of other fabrics from the quilt. I will continue to use scraps for the other pillows until I run out of the fabrics. The pillows will be coordinated but still look very shabby chic at the same time.

Tomorrow, I plan to share my second finish with you so I will see you then...


Anonymous said...


The pillow is exquisite and you did a fab job. The picture shows up better here showing the pink cloth that you used. LOVE IT!

Happy X Stitching
Sue (from FTLOCS)

Anonymous said...

I admit it looks a little lonely, but beautiful all the same! Congrats on the finish! I guess I had better get one of my designs done, you are speeding past me. Do you have the other designs picked out that you want for the bed?

Nancy said...

Heidi your pillow looks beautiful, but then I knew it would! I can't wait to see the other pillows that you add to this one. I see your mom's pretty afghan too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you finished it! It's beautiful, Heidi, and I love the way you've made the pillow. ♥

Suzann said...

Heidi - I just knew it would be amazing and it's just beyond words. I must use the same fabric when I stitch this design. I love how the fabric you chose for the pillow perfectly compliments the pinks. Georgous!


Tanya Willis Anderson said...

It came out so lovely as this pillow - my goodness, the back is as beautiful as the front! It looks perfect in this spot. Congrads on your sweet finish.

Kristen said...

Tanya is so right! I love the back of the pillow as well! It is very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi:
Why don't you make a pillow like the back to use as another pillow?
I love it, it is really cute.
Love you, Mom

Solstitches said...

As always you are just so crative in your decorating ideas. I love the finished pillow and the back really is almost as lovely as the front.
Always a pleasure to see what you have been making.

Anonymous said...

back like front
all is wonderfull!!!