Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A fun day making pinkeeps

It is late for me and I decided to place one last blog entry for July. Can you believe this month is already over? I spent the afternoon with my friend Sonja making pinkeeps. We had fun putting them together and at the same time holding a conference call with my mother and both nieces in the US. The results of our afternoon and evening are here. Our evening turned into us eating Chinese take away with both DHs. I then made a warm blueberry sauce for over vanilla ice cream for dessert.

My newest pinkeep is another of the LHN thread packs 'Plums'. Sonja happened to find a cute ribbon when she stopped to pick up some DMC for me at a shop in her village. She gave me a piece for this pinkeep. Click on all the photos to enlarge for more detail.

My backing fabric was the fabric I used to show you my finished stitching yesterday. I also used a purple and lilac color pins to reflect the overdyed thread used. This is a piece of handmade bobbin lace I bought last year in Brugge, Belgium during the lace days in August. Can you believe I only had to pay 2 euro for it? If I wanted to make this doily myself, it would cost me more to buy the thread than I paid for the made doily.

Here is Sonja's second pinkeep ever! She is making all four of the LHN's 'Season of...'. We got her items all kitted up for her to make the next three at home. She picked out fabrics from my quilt stash and we got her mating board and batting ready. I also shared some of my trim with her as we found some perfect matches for the next three pinkeeps in this series. I am looking forward to seeing them finished.

For the backing, she picked a sweet lilac calico with a small motif that brought out the colors used in the design. Her pins are a mix of corn yellow and purple and the trim is a lilac satin ribbon.


staci said...

Beautiful pinkeeps! Sounds like you had a very fun (and yummy!) time :)

Anonymous said...

ooooo so so nice!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi and Sonja BOTH of these pinkeeps are just beautiful! I adore both designs AND the fabrics you chose for the backs! Fantastic colors and both right up my alley!

Solstitches said...

What a wonderful way to enjoy spending time with a friend.
Both of the pinkeeps are beautiful.
I love the piece of lace and can't believe it was sold for just two Euros - especially now that I've tried making lace and know just how much time and effort goes into it.

Anonymous said...

It was fun talking to you and Sonja while you were stitching these pinkeeps. They turned out
beautifully. Good job Sonja, keep
it up.
Love Mom/Nancy

Anonymous said...

hello! It's nice to see what you and Sonja were working on while we were all chatting away yesterday! They turned out so nice!

Love you!

Kristen said...

Your pinkeeps are gorgeous! I just love them! Sonja, happy stitching on the next three and I can't wait to see them as well. I enjoyed talking with you yesterday! It is so wonderful to know that my Aunt has so many great friends. I have to admit, I am a bit jealous though. :) I would love to be able to sit and stitch with Heidi as well. :)

Nancy said...

Hello Heidi,

The pinkeeps you and Sonja made are beautiful! I love the little flower trim you used on yours, and the backing fabric on both is so nice.

I love the piece of lace you bought.

Now, what is Chinese cake?


Anonymous said...

They are so cute !!!

Tanya Willis Anderson said...

WOW! These pinkeeps are beautiful - your work is so lovely and always a treat to see unfold.

Anonymous said...

I love your pinkeeps and would love to know how you get the corners so neat. There always seems to be too much fabric I find, to make a tidy job.