Thursday, March 22, 2007

Working with wool felt

I am loving working with wool felt more and more. I decided yesterday evening that I wanted to try to make a pincushion I had seen on a blog. I had been admiring this pincushion for some time and she explains how she creates the flower. I decided to give it a try and had it completed in just a couple of hours. It was fun to put together. You can see the original at:
heart_felt.html#comment-64023632 .


Anonymous said...

Oh, how pretty!! It turned out so well! ANOTHER hobby, huh? I love the boot pin cushion too, and was just about to read about them in my Sampler magazine!

Nancy said...

Beautiful Heidi! I also have these instructions printed out, and I read her blog on a regular basis. She is doing A-Z quiche recipes too!


Solstitches said...

Your pincushion turned out so pretty Heidi.
Gosh, now I need one of those too so will need to buy plenty of wool felt on my trip to UK in May.
Now that you've introduced me to the turkeyfeather blog I'll be checking back there on a regular basis - loved everything she did.

Anonymous said...

So very pretty...With all of the wool that I have around here (remember I spin and weave so wool is my friend)there might be one of those in my future :-)