Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Project bag

For March and April, we are doing a procrastination challenge on my stitching list. It does not even mean finishing a project, but getting out something you have been putting off and working on it.

I have a couple of things I want to do for this challenge. One was to get out this stitched freebie that had been sitting in a basket with the fabrics waiting to be sewn into a project bag. I am so happy that I finished it and wonder why I did not do it long ago! It only took me a couple of hours and now I can use it for my small stitching projects like my monthly pinkeeps. This is much nicer to hold my stitching than a plastic ziploc bag, isn't it?

The sewing basket and pincushion were gifts designed and handmade by my sister many years ago as a Christmas gift. As my sister passed away a good number of years ago, these are items I very much cherish.


Solstitches said...

Hello Heidi,
Congrats. on getting your challenge piece done.
I love the little project bag you made - so pretty with the lace trim.
The gifts your sister made for you are really special. It looks as though she too was an accomplished stitcher. I'm glad you have these things to cherish that were made by her.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty project bag evolved from a stitched freebie and a piece of fabric. It just goes to show how many beautiful things are just lying there waiting to be created. It definitely will be nicer putting your stitching into this!
I love the sewing basket and teeny pincushion. Your sister must have been very talented to have designed and made these pieces. No wonder you cherish them.
Hugs, Angela

Nancy said...

Hello Heidi! I love your stitching bag. It's beautiful, as always, and congratulations on the finish. The basket and pin cushion made by your sister are lovely, and I'm sure they create many cherished memories for you.


Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy said...

What a lovely project bag, Heidi! I have lot's of wee stitched things I need to finish into something and you are such an inspiration! :-)

And what beautiful memories your sister's treasured stitching must evoke... it's evident she was a special and talented lady like yourself!

Anonymous said...

Your project bag is lovely! I like the lace trim and contrasting fabric ~ very nice.

What lovely memories your sewing basket and pincusion must hold for you! Items to be treasured indeed! ♥

CONNIE W said...

The challenge is a great idea - it brings about such a good result. The project bag is indeed much better than a ziploc!

Ragged Roses said...

What a good idea to actually finish things that have been lying around for a while (I've got a few of those)!
Your project bag looks lovely and the things that your sister made for you are gorgeous, real treasures. Thanks for visiting me and your lovely comments.
Kim x