Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tickled pink!

I made some things lately with my pink beads. First I am creating scissor fobs for all seasons and holidays. Here is my Easter fob. I used a series of pink beads and an Easter bunny charm.

Isn't the charm adorable? I could not resist him when I saw this. I just had to turn it into a fob.

Monday evening, I had my monthly get together with my lacemaking friends and Jannie went home, Sonja and I dug out my bead collection and we starting playing. I wanted to make a necklace and used some of my pink beads to create this one.

I thought this will be a nice one to wear in the summer time. It was my first attempt at making a necklace. I will be trying another one again soon.

I was also tickled pink by a box of goodies Joni sent to me for my birthday. I have not shared them with you before now. She sent me an Ohio sampler which will be added to the charts I will be using to create an Ohio sampler wall. I just love it and did not have this one. I now have 6 or 7 charts waiting to be stitched to create this sampler wall. She also sent me a bag of threads, a primitive Easter tree, which I love and is sitting out on my table, two scented candles and my two favorite kinds of American chocolates ~ York peppermint patty and Reeses peanut butter cups.

My nickname is Miss Pickles and look at this adorable birthday card she found! I am saving this card. Thanks for spoiling me Joni! Only I wonder why those candy wrappers were empty?


Kristen said...

Oh those are so nice! I love them all! You have the nices scissors! Putting a scissor fob on my very clunky orange scissors just wouldnt be good! :)

Nancy said...

Oh, that card is sooo cute. I love the little easter tree and the sampler is great. You are one spoiled girl and I tell you that all the time. I bet the wrappers were not empty, but are now.
Love you, Mom
PS: That bunny is adorable and the necklace is very cute.

Kristen said...

oops. NICEST scissors! :)

Teresa said...

Heidi, you did such a nice job of the fob and necklace. The beads are so pretty. You have received some lovely gifts lately, thanks for sharing pictures.

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog! I love the necklace. But I guess that is no surprise because I was there when you made it! groetjes Sonja.

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

I LOVE your fob with that bunny, it's so cute! Before I opened your blog I was just thinking that I had to tell you next week that I'm addicted to your scissor and fob. Some days ago I accidentally picked up my old scissor and I immediately thought: what's going on? This is no good ... And then I saw it was the old one. So I got used to your scissor, isn't it? And they are right: it's a perfect scissor for x-stitchers. (The girls promised not to use it on paperwork etc., they use my old one now.)
I am eager to hear about these Ohio samplers, never heard of that. Curious as I am ...

Till next time & hugs, Carolien

Roberta said...

Love the necklace and the scissor fob, the rabbit is just darling.

Your birthday gifts from Joni were terrific and don't you love celebrating your birthday for many days.


Karen said...

What wonderful goodies you got in the mail. Love your necklace also, how fun to be able to make something that you can coordinate with whatever your wearing. But my favorites are always your scissor fob's. I'm a bunny lover so I think I would use that year round.

Happy Spring - Karen

Fete et Fleur said...

Fun, fun stuff! It must be wonderful to belong to a group of friends who share the same interests in needlework. You are so blessed!

Hugs! Nancy

Andylynne said...

Mr Bunny is adorable on that fob. What a great idea, I'm forever using ribbon on my scissors. I'ts so light a beautiful fob is just the thing. Your pink necklace is so pretty. I made one years ago out of Pink Quartzand little garnets. But it didn't have the pretty color yours does.

Christine said...

Beautiful fob and necklace Heidi! I love the little bunny charm. How cute is he!!! Excellent job!

Lovely pressie from Joni. Love the pickle card.