Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Turning life into a quilt ~ part three

Phew! I left this next border go until the last minute, but it is finished. Our next quilt group evening is tonight and I just completed the next assignment to show the ladies. I had started a border and it just did not 'connect' for me so I worked on a new inspiration. Here are the results of which I am really satisfied...

The second border is a representation of my family members. If you enlarge the photo, you will be able to find the various blocks. First, I made 3 red blocks representing my mother and 2 brothers. I choose red as they are the only remaining members of my immediate family. For my nieces, I choose colors to bind their own families together. My oldest niece Kristy and her family are shown in the 4 green blocks. My younger niece Mandie is shown in 2 pink blocks for her and her daughter and a beige block with green and pink flowers for her husband. Thought I would spare using pink for him. *grins* I created a beige block with pink little squares on it for our pets, past and present, and beige block with green and pink leaves for all the other members of my family ~ my stepfather, aunts and uncles, cousins. There are 4 light beige blocks scattered among the other blocks. These blocks represent the 4 members of my family that are very special to me but have passed away. I made these in light beige to show how their shadows or spirit are still very much there among the family. Those blocks are symbols of my father, sister, grandmother and aunt.

If you have not read the other parts of this quilt project, you can find them here and here.

I will share photos of the members quilts with you tomorrow.


Kristen said...

Hey that is so beautiful! I love the last border as well! Great vision on that! What a wonderful piece of art that you have created! I love the colors as well!

Nancy said...

Very nice Heidi, and again, I love the representation.

Looking forward to seeing the other group members' quilts.

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful Heidi! I am satisfied about my story but less about the design of my first border and very curious to see the other ones tonight. See you.

Nancy said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwww, I am so impressed but I don't know why I am. You always amaze me. You are a very deep thinker. To come up with this is awesome. It is beautiful work, but even more beautiful thought. I LOVE IT. I think I am very lucky you are my daughter.
Love and Kisses, Mom

Solstitches said...

Heidi this quilt is so gorgeous.
I love the pinks and soft greens you have chosen.
It's a wonderful idea for a quilt.
I shall look forward to seeing what your ladies have done.
They are so lucky to have you as a quilt group leader.

Roberta said...

Hi Heidi, This last border is stunning, love the colors you are using.

Looking forward to seeing your quilt gals come up with.

You are such an inspiration!


diane said...

Beautiful and touching! What a project! I love the story behind the fabric and how personal and unique they will all be. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Karen said...

Holy schmoley Heidi that quilt is beautiful and I LOVE the way you describe your fabric choices. I hope your writing it down somewhere - it's a wonderful connection for family. Can't wait to see the others projects.

Hugs - Karen

Terri said...

That's a pretty one Heidi!

Carolien said...

This looks stunning, Heidi. It's a gift to put your thoughts into a quilt and you do it beautifully!

Hugs, Carolien

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hello Miss Heidi and Little Dagi!

Your quilt is just so pretty and I love how you have incorporated the different colors and patterns with each holding a special meaning. What a wonderful idea!

You had asked if I had been doing a lot of sewing..well, I will squeeze in about 3 hours a day...split up cause I cannot sit for very long in one spot. But, I have made some tote bags and other little things for ETSY. These are things that have been in the making for the past month. The pillows I made this week are on ebay right now. They are really cuter in person.

Thanks for your well wishes and I read Doogs your message. He was listening, too. Hims is a person, not a dog. :)

Becky and Doogs

Teresa said...

This quilt is amazing. I really like the idea of a "family" quilt. What a great idea!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Love the design and your choice of fabric/colours. Excellent!