Monday, March 17, 2008

A fun afternoon fobbing!

This afternoon my friend Sonja came over so we could make some gifts for our friend who's birthday is in April. Since she never looks at the blogs, I can share the fobs we made. I ordered scissors from France. These are the art deco style scissors and I think she is really going to love them.

We decided to make four fobs for her from both of our bead and charm collections. We feel like we had a gift ourselves in the fun of creating these. We love doing things like this together.

When we were done, I suggested to Sonja that we make her a new fob. She wanted to make one for her cell phone. Look how cute this is!

Thanks Sonja for a fun afternoon and lets do it again really soon!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! Are you wearing green???


Nancy said...

Yes I am, but not the bright green that is proper. I love all the fobs. Soooo cute. Very lucky Jannie. Sonja's phone fob is cute too.
Love you, Mom

diane said...

I love these fobs and really like the fob for the cell phone. I am going to have to get one of these...cell phone, too!! LOL
Maybe that will be my excuse...that I need something to put a lovely fob on! Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Anonymous said...

I'm Celine,I'm french and I discovered today your blog. I just want to say to you that Ilike very much and I put it in my favorites. I will come back many times. What beautifuls things (patch!!!). Thanks a lot!

Carolien said...

Lovely scissor and lovely fobs, ladies! It's a pleasure for the eyes ...
Must be fun to do.

Sorry, not wearing green today. (Hopelessly Dutch as I am ...)

Have a nice evening and hugs, Carolien

Nancy said...

Beautiful fobs Heidi, and the scissors are so elegant! I'm glad you had a fun afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi, it was really fun to be working together on te fobs! To bad time goes by so fast! But I agree we simply have to come together again soon! groetjes Sonja
P.S. thanks for the adresses.

Tanya Willis Anderson said...

Yes, I wore green but it was in a necklace my brother gave me from Ireland - so that counted :) Ben and Zack were clad in their greenery. Those fobs are great and what a clever idea for the phone, to dress itup!

To answer your question on my Blog, Heidi - the backing fabric I used for spring tyme sampler is the same fabric from my MY LOVE FOR YOU SAMPLER pillow on my website. I had a bit of it left and the coral type color was perfect for this one!

Hope your weather is springy today. It's a wet day here.

Rhonda said...

I am leaving this comment the day after St. Pats but yes, I wore a green blouse all day.

Your fobs and fancy French scissors are beautiful, I am sure they will be a very happy birthday gift for your friend.

Nancy said...

I love the end posting on both blogs, but I hope everyone sees them.
Love you, Mom

Kristen said...

I love them and they are just great! I might have to try this some time! VERY NICE!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice fobs. Your friend is a lucky lady.

Andylynne said...

I'm totally hooked, the leaf one is my favorite :)

Karen said...

OMG I just love these fobs. I'm not sure if you have ever done a tutorial on how to make these - I should really read back - but it would be a great to know how to do this. These would really make such wonderful little gifts for myself, LOL or others.

Happy Easter - Karen

Beatrice said...

The fobs are so cute . I like the idea of having one on the phone too.

What beautiful scissors.

I had a look at all the quilts you did and are working on. Such talent. Quilting scares me, all that cutting...maybe an oops can ruin things. You are a brave woman.

I love the card and the gift you received. hmmmm candy yummmm !!!