Friday, February 01, 2008

Well dressed scissors

I love collecting scissors. I have a good number now. Here is a photo of my collection back in 2005 when I had just started buying some vintage ones. I have these four very old pairs.

I also have some pairs now that are new but styled after some very old scissors. I love these which I ordered from Sajou but still have them in the box. They just seemed too pretty to take out and use.

I will share a few more with you in the coming week as I have made scissor fobs which I have not shown yet. I have a number of other scissors yet in my collection. My scissors never used to be well dressed but I have been bitten by the fob bug.

Here is a fob that I made for an online friend of mine, Angela. She had won my autumn pincushion give away and I was very late sending it so I made her this little pink butterfly and flower fob to send along and dress up her scissors. She talks about stitching in her garden and I thought this would be perfect for her. Angela emailed me that they arrived so I can now share a photo with you.

Do you have a pair of favorite scissors you use when you stitch or quilt? Do you like to use a fob? Do you collect scissors?


Joanne said...

Heidi, I love your collection of scissors and the fob you made for Angela... so pretty! I was thinking of you and your scissors collection the other afternoon when I was looking for something in my crafts room. I was hunting in one of my sewing baskets, and came across a pair of scissors and a thimble that belonged to my great-grandmother. I also have her knitting needles (which are wood, like the ones you have). I really need to pull these things out and display them somewhere (or use them!!). Hugs, Joanne

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Heidi...Nancy pointed me to your site as I am just starting to entertain the thought of stitching penny rugs and various other goodies...I am going to bookmark your site as it looks as if it would be most helpful to me with all the tips and info you have put here to share!

Nancy said...

NOOOOOOOOO, poor me, I don't have a fob for my favorite sissors. I happen to know for a fact though that I will soon. LOL. Mine will just happen to have a snowman attached. HUMMMM, wonder who made it for me. You just plain DO NOT need anymore sissors, do you. Angela is one happy lady I am sure.
That is soooo cute. Good job Miss Heidi.
Love you, Mom

patchwitch said...

I don't collect scissors, but I always lose them (or mostly I do not use them, but cannot find them), so I have a lot...and I am always in trouble when I want to use one.... sigh. My newest arrived in the Advent swap and that is the only one which has a fob. Here the 'traditional' thing is to cut a piece of fabric and knot it on the scissors, and I have a friend who put little stickers on all her scissors....
But I liked the fob you made :D

Anonymous said...

Hallo Heidi, wat heerlijk om te zien zo'n verzameling scharen! En wat fijn dat er nog meer mensen zijn die zo'n aangename afwijking hebben! liefs Sonja

DaisyGirl said...

Love all your scissors! I had a great pair of little scissors until my son borrowed them! :(
Oh well!

Ginny said...

My daughter gave me a nice pair of embroidery scissors for Christmas. I don't know how I got along without them; they're so sharp! I started making fobs last fall, and I keep thinking I'd like to switch a couple around. There's something fun about making them, and they sure make finding my scissors easier!

Susan in SC said...

Heidi - you are too talented - you need to send me some of your talent! I love, love, love the scissor fob. I didn't know such a thing existed (I led a sheltered life!) LOL! Thanks for sharing. I love scissors too~! Susan in SC

Karen said...

well I have a thing about scissors and way to many, but they aren't very exciting. I do have a pair of very old scissors that I inherited from my MIL and I treasure those. I should post them tomorrow. I really love those FOB's that you make. How do you do it?

Hugs - Karen

Fete et Fleur said...

What a lovely collection. I am always facinated by beautiful old sewing goodies. I need to get get some of these beauties.

Hugs! Nancy

Christine said...

Beautiful scissor collection Heidi. They look so pretty displayed all together.

Beautifu fob for Angela too. I bet she is over the moon.

I have those same black German Henckel scissors. I love them. Not the prettiest but they sure make a nice clean cut. I also love my scissors with the curved tips for making close cuts.

I love fobs too! A girl can never have enough scissors and fobs!

Wawanna said...

You have a very nice collection of scissors. Yes, show us some more! The fob is so pretty, and they do dress up a pair of scissors. It is also nice to make one to commorate a start of a particularly cherished peice of needlework. The crazy quilt is darling and so very pink. Perfect for Valentine's Day.

kari and kijsa said...

Robin sent us over talking about penny rugs! great site!!

kari & kijsa

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a great scissor collection! I don't collect scissors but I like having a lot of them on hand. Yeah I'm a fobber too!

Suzann said...

What a lovely collection of scissors. The fob you made for Angela is just sweet as can be. Love the butterfly. Hearing you mention stitching in the garden made me sit back and think of how I will stitch this summer while swinging on the porch swing. For now I will appreciate the foggy, gray, snowy, rainy, winter filled days while I snuggle under my quilt and stitch.
I do not have a collection of scissors or a favorite pair, but I am becoming more attracted to the beautiful scissors that are out there and I may have to indulge in a fob in the future.

Solstitches said...

I enjoyed looking at your scissor collection.
Me? I had only one beat up old pair of scissors until Nancy sent me a beautiful red pair that, like your Sajou ones, stay in the box unless needed for a photo shoot :)
Likewise my fob is an ancient kitty made from Liberty of London Tana Lawn that I bought at a stitching show many years ago.
It was stuffed with lavender but the smell faded a long time ago.
The fob you made for Angela is so pretty. I'm sure you could be selling these in an Etsy shop - if you had 48 hours in a day that is!

Beatrice said...

What a lovely collection of scissors and fobs.
I have fobs from friends and myself. I hang the spare ones on my Lamp because I only have 2 pairs of scissors. I get to see them all the time that way!