Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cleaning and sorting between making lace

Sometimes it takes a mishap to get us started on a chore we have put off. Mine was sorting through my UFOs in my quilt studio. I wanted to get something from a shelf in the room and knocked over a rack full of UFOs. Well, that was what I needed to get started. I am sorting them out today into three stacks ~ those which the patchwork is not finished, those needing sandwiched and hand quilted, and those in the middle of hand quilting.

My banister in our hallway is becoming a temporary quilt rack while I sort. Here are the first 12 of my UFOs hanging out. This is what happens when you teach. You don't get the projects finished as you have to move along to the next idea to have it ready. I have some quilts which are partially complete as they were samples to show during lessons. I also have quilts I was doing just for myself but never got completed as I needed to devote attention to lesson quilts or group projects.

Now that I no longer teach, there are less projects being added to this stack but I really want to work through each of them now in 2008. I must admit that I will never get to them all as this is only part of them. I will do my best to reduce that stack dramatically! I have to continue to work on my medallion quilt throughout this year which means I can only work on these items in between.

Can you keep reminding me that I promised myself to get as many as possible done this year? Thanks!

Do you remember my lace pinkeep? I started the bobbin lace strips for the lace side. I had our monthly lace evening with my friends and started on the first one. At the moment it is not visible through all the pins as you can see.

I have to tie off the ends and leave it 'rest' a little while on the cushion before removing the pins. I will show you the results tomorrow...

I don't remember ever being so spoiled as this year by my online stitching friends. I received these goodies in the mail from Britt in Germany. She bought me some chocolate hearts, some Zweigart antique white Belfast linen and this adorable little pinkeep she made herself.

It is sitting out on my coffee table at the moment so I can enjoy looking at it! Thanks Britt!

I was touched to receive this pretty handmade bookmark in the mail from my good friend Barbara for my birthday too. She has been dealing with a very sick husband and still took the time to send me this. You are a dear Barbara and I keep Wayne in my thoughts and prayers!

I hope to get a bit of time later to stop by your blogs. I am behind on my visits with all of you this week. I can't wait to see what you are up to. I am sorry I have not been by to visit lately but you are all dear to me and never far from my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi
I thought I had many ufo's but you are the big winner! When you have finished the first one you may invite me to admire it by a cup of tea! :)
Lots of succes.

Nancy said...

Even though they are UFOs, you still have a beautiful stack of quilts Heidi. I look forward to seeing them as you find the time to finish them.

I am very excited about seeing your lace pinkeep. I have a feeling it will be stunning!

Britt's pinkeep is so beautiful, and so it Barbara's bookmark.

Suzann said...

Such beautiful quilts to be finished. I can't wait to see more of your lace too.

Kristen said...

Hi Aunt Heidi! I have missed you! I am glad to hear that you are getting to sort through things though! I know how important that is! I too found many unfinished projects when sorting through my stuff. You are ohhhh so right! When you are teaching it is hard to get your own projects done!

Carolien said...

Yeah, me too ... being excited to see these lovely quilts being ex-UFO's :)

Hugs, Carolien

Peg said...

Hi Heidi, the quilts look amazing even before finishing off, should you run out of room just send the excess my way they will have a wonderful home here LOL. The bobbing lace is so beautiful, you are such a talented person I love to see what you are doing next. hugs Peg x