Friday, February 22, 2008

Nothing like the feel of bobbin lace.....

As promised yesterday, here is the bobbin lace that was lurking under that mass of pins.....

This piece was made very quickly. I only worked on it for 3 evenings and it was finished. I want to make various widths of lace and think that I will need about 4 pieces total for the pinkeep. I am off to search for the second pattern. I want to make a wider strip of lace this time.

I love the feel of the bobbin lace when you take it off the cushion. I am enjoying making these strips with a specific purpose of them being sewn onto the pinkeep.

I have been honored with a couple of awards lately from two bloggers who I enjoy reading and being in contact with. I am honored that they have passed these awards on to me.

First, Suzann over at From The Porch Swing gave me the You Make My Day award. I know Suzann through one of my Yahoo lists and she started blogging too. It is fun to be able to keep up with each other through our blogs. Thanks for thinking of me with this award Suzann.

I would like to pass this one on to:
Carolien who is becoming not only an online blogging friend but also a real life friend. I love visiting with her and wonder if I talk her ears off???

Nancy who I also know through my Yahoo list and started blogging. I have had fun talking with her a couple of times on Skype. She is a fun and wonderful lady with an eye for making beautiful stitching.

Nancy who happens to be a very special lady. Why? Well, she is my mother. I am giving her this award because she always swore she would never start stitching but what did she do? She started stitching! And it looks like many of us can be envious as she is really quick too. You can see her first project on her blog but her second is well underway as she emailed me a photo already.

This second award, the Excellent bloggers award was given to my by Vee over at The Broken Needle. Vee is also in my Yahoo list and she does some beautiful handwork. If you have not seen her blog, you should go over and take a look.

I am going to pass this award to Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams. Becky has been so creative lately and makes not only beautiful tote bags but also the most amazing cloth dolls. She and Doogs are always there to share wonderful tales (tails) of their lives. Thanks for all you share Becky and woof to Doogs!

Elly ~ I don't think we will wait until I have a UFO done or it will be some time before you can come over to have a cup of tea and chat. I will call you next week with my agenda in hand. I am still cleaning up and sorting the UFOs. Oh my! There are so many!

I wish you all a creative and inspired weekend!


Nancy said...

Heidi your bobbin lace is BEAUTIFUL! This will be the pinkeep of pinkeeps. I really can't wait to see the result.

Thanks so much for the award. You make my day too! We'll have to chat again on Skype one day soon.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I saw the lace that you are making for the pinkeep. No, I only saw the needles and I thought: how does she do this, unbelievable! It is so beautiful. Have a nice weekend too. I wait for your call next week, and we will talk about finishing your ufo's.
Groetjes, Elly

Carolien said...

Oh Heidi, I LOVE your lace. It looks so delicate and 'luchtig', it is a beauty! Your skills are outstanding again. (Not that I would expect anything else ... )
Don't be afraid, I just checked again and my ears are still there!!! ;)
Thank you so much for your award, my second, gosh ... I will proudly put your name in the sidebar, together with Regina.
Have a nice weekend, FRIEND!
Hugs, Carolien

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi my sweet friend!

Heidi, how do you have the patience to make bobbin lace? It is gorgeous and you did such an amazing job on it - and it such short time, too! Be sure to show us the pinkeep when all done. Love your work.

Doogie told me to tell you THANK YOU so much for our award!!! You are so sweet and thoughtful in bestowing this to me. I wish I could sew more than I do and even sewing a little bit takes time away from bloggin'. I know you know what I mean. Like I say, "Never nuff time in the day to do allll the things we love to do!....too bad I require 8 hours of sleep each night!!"

Have a lovely weekend and hugs to you and Dagi!! Keep on keeping on!!


Anonymous said...

Heidi, the lace is gorgeous! I just love the white on that linen. I can't wait to see the rest of it come to life.

Anonymous said...

I love your bobbin lace, Heidi. That is something I've always wanted to learn to do ... maybe someday. :) Congratulations on your well deserved award! ~ hugs, Lynda xox

Fete et Fleur said...

All the awards are so deserved!! Congratulations Heidi. I love the bobbin lace. It is so beautiful.
I hope you're having a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

Karen said...

OMG that lace is beautiful and you finished it so quickly. Can't wait to see your finished pin keep with your treasured lace on it.

Congrats on your awards - you deserve them.'

Hugs - Karen

Meredith said...

Well the blog awards are well deserved. I enjoy reading your blog. I must confess I am guilty of not commenting. We have made some of the same quilts. Keep up the great work. I go to your blog for inspiration.

Suzann said...

Your bobbin lace is beautiful.

Terri said...

Heidi! It's so pretty!

Nancy said...

First, thank you for giving me the award and saying such sweet things. I think I kind of LOVE YOU A LOTTTTTTTT.
That lace is soooo beautiful. I just never stopped being amazed when I see you do it. As Zoe would say, "GOOD JOB MISS HEIDI"
Love you, Mom

Kristen said...

That bobbin lace is just wonderful! I love it! Wow!! It feels ohhhh so good to complete a project!!

Beatrice said...

Wow that lace is amazing. It does look so dainty. I'm not sure I could do it.
I look forward to seeing it on the pinkeep!

Reginas Cottage said...

Dear Heidi
Congratulations to the awards,Heidi.
Your bobbin lace is sooooo wonderful
Groetjes and Hugs,

Elizabeth Braun said...

I haven't got to lace-making yet, but interest is growing.....