Monday, January 14, 2008

A year older.....

.....and a year wiser??? Well that is an answer only the birthday girl can give. Today is my little niece's (who is not so little somehow) birthday. I won't reveal her age cause she is a big girl and I might get birthday smacks if I do. LOL! But then again, she is very far away and would have to have very long arms.....nah.....I won't risk it!
I wish you a very happy birthday Mandie! Did you hang the birthday pennants for today?
Please stop in and wish Mandie a happy birthday too. Her DH is away and she and Zoe are alone to celebrate.


Nancy said...

Mandie is getting lots of wishes today and that is good. She is one of our very special girls. I am so happy she has Zoe to give her hugs and kisses from all of us.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hello Mandy,
Happy birthday to you!!!!
Greatings from Holland. Have a nice day. Sonja.

Nancy said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Mandie! Be sure to do something special!

Angela said...

Oooh, Sending lots of long distance birthday wishes to Mandie. Happy .....birthday :>)
Best wishes Angela

Mandie said...

Thank you!!! :o) I'm not afraid to say how old I am! I'm 29 years YOUNG! :oP Thanks to all on here who gave me birthday wishes!

Love you heidi!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Happy Birthday Mandie! .... and cheers from Australia!

Tanya Willis Anderson said...

Happy Birthday to Mandie, Heidi. Hope the day was all she wished for and more, more, more!


Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

I completely forgot yesterday, SORRY!!! Congratulations for YOU on your niece's birthday as well!!!!!! (Visited her and your mother's blog to do so and then forget you, am I nuts or nuts?!)

Have a nice day,

Hugs, Carolien

Kristen said...


Mandie said...

Thank you to ALL who wished me a Happy Birthday! :o)