Thursday, January 03, 2008

More Christmas presents have arrived.....

.....and I can share some photos. This first series of photos is of a quilt I sent to my niece Mandie for Christmas. It is one I made about 14 years ago and I am letting my nieces inherit some of my handwork and this was Mandie's first piece.

This Midnight Star is made with the Lone Star pattern and is a wallhanging. I wanted it to look more like a starburst so I used three blue fabrics.

This quilt was one that I enjoyed doing a lot of hand quilting on.

Click any of the photos to enlarge them.

The second gift was for my little grand niece Zoe. I made her a wool felt purse in her favorite color pink. I loved making this one and especially the little stitched bumble bee!

Susan ~ A WIP roll is used to hold stitching as you finish or work on things. It is to keep them clean and unwrinkled.

Angela ~ I am pleased that William Morris would approve as he is my hero.


Kristen said...

Oh how beautiful! I just love them! How beautiful is that quilt! Congrats Manda! ANnnnndddd, that purse is just toooo cute for words! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!

Nancy said...

I saw the purse before, and it is soooo cute. The quilt is beautiful and the stitching is WOW.
That is not something she can only use at Christmas. Only you would do such extensive quilting.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

The purse is so lovely in that bright colours. I guess Zoe was very happy with it. The quilt is beautiful too with the extensive quilting. Its a lot of work. I am busy for weeks now to finish a quilt with lots of quiltstitches. It's a double Irish Chain and I used the fabric we got from your mother last year.

Mary said...

Oh Heidi, how beautiful they are! I cannot imagine all the work that went into that wonderful quilt, and the little purse is just darling! Thanks for sharing them!

Nancy said...

Heidi! Mandie must have been thrilled to get this quilt! It's gorgeous. I love the center fabric with stars and snowflakes, and then the quilting you did on the back to look like a snowflake. It's beautiful! And, how adorable is that little purse. I know Zoe is just admiring it so much. And, I agree the bumblebee is precious!

Teresa said...

The quilt is beautiful. I love the colors. Amazing job on the quilting. What a sweet purse!! Love that bee!


Carolien said...

Wow! I nearly fell of my chair seeing that star of yours. How beautiful! The quilting you can see on the back is breathtaking ... To say I love it is an understatement, really.
And I like your purse for Zoe. She must feel proud to have a aunt like you.

I forgot to tell you, but yes, when I have finished my sampler for Valérie and can do something for myself, I would also love to learn to quilt. It is a dream to do that. But for the time being I'm very strict for myself: Valérie first! She enjoys it so much when she sees me working on her sampler ...

Bye, Carolien

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi I love the quilt. Your stitches are awesome and I love the fabric choices you made. All those little half moon shapes really give it a neat look. You are certainly an excellent quilt maker.
The little pink purse is adorable. I'd like something like that for myself!
You are very talented! Rhondi xo

Mandie said...

Hello Aunt Heidi! :o) Well, you know just how much I love this quilt since you got to watch me open it! It is gorgeous, thank you for passing it down to me! I will cherish it until the time comes to pass it down to Zoe! Thanks also for the purse...She loves it! The stitching on it is SOOO cute! All of the gifts were wonderful! It was a great surprise to come home to...We love you!

Mandie & Zoe

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I'm catching up on the blogs today and that star quilt is amazing! Lucky Mandie!! And the pink purse is to die for. Can I be one of your nieces next year?? Please!!???? I love the WIP roll and I'm wondering if you did a tutorial on that somewhere. Congrats on such gorgeous work.

TeresaB said...

All the presents you made for family and friends this year are wonderful. I'm sure they LOVED them.

I've been slow in catching up on blogs with the holidays and am glad you are keeping both of your blogs. I enjoy seeing all your wonderful needlework as well as your pictures and decorating on your other blog. Happy 2008!

Wawanna said...

Beautiful... and such skilled quilting you have done. It truly is an heirloom, worthy of being handed down from generation to generation. How proud you must be of your work and you must have great satisfaction and such a feeling of accomplishment. Your family loves your gifts, I am sure. You are a very gracious and generous Aunt.

Susan in SC said...

Your talents certainly shines through with these gifts! I just LOVE the little purse! You should do a tutorial on how to make a felted purse! Susan in SC

Christine said...

What a beautiful wall hanging Heidi! You are such a beautiful quilter. Lucky Mandie. How nice to receive such a special gift from her Aunty.

The bee purse is sooo sweet! I just love things made with wool.

Peg said...

Hi Heidi, a pleasure to visit your blog as always and see the wonderful creations you have made. I know those receiving will be thrilled and blessed to have something so special from you. Don't stop writing on your blog it's always a pleasure to visit.
big hugs to you sweetie
love Peg xx

Solstitches said...

Heidi, what a lovely idea to pass down some of your quilts.
As you are only three you will be here for at least another eighty years but it must be nice to hear from your family how very much their gifts from you are loved and treasured.
This quilt really does look like a star burst - simply beautiful!
The little purse you made is adorable too.