Friday, May 25, 2007

Thoughts of a good friend.....

Today has been an emotional day listening to a good friend of mine talk at her mother's funeral. I wanted to let her know through reading this how I cherish our friendship. Yesterday was her birthday and today her mother's funeral. Her mother lost her fight with cancer. There were all red roses at the services and I felt this painting of Thomas Kinkade's "A Perfect Red Rose" could give me that chance to say to her how sorry I am for her loss. Your mother will always be with you in your heart. Look for her there!

She told me while her mother was so ill that reading my blogs each day cheered her up. I met Sonja a number of years ago as we both took lacemaking lessons. We hit it off very quickly and I also discovered we share not only a love for lacemaking but also for stitching. We enjoy getting together for an afternoon, drinking tea and working on lace or stitching. Knowing that my blog was able to help her see some joy in difficult times really touches my heart! I hope sincerely that we will continue to share our hobbies and friendship for many years to come dear Sonja!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sonja:
I am sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. Just know, that she will always be with you in memory.
Being a Mom, I know she would not
want you to be sad, but to think of the good things you did with her.
Please know my thoughts are with you.
Nancy (Heidi's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Lieve Heidi,
bedankt voor je lieve blog! Today was a sad day, but it is also a beautifull day to remember all the good things. I look back on the funeral with warm feelings in my hart. Nancy, thank you very much for your nice words! Yes, I do remember so many good things from my mother! I am blessed with these thoughts.
Liefs Sonja

Anonymous said...

Mothers hold such a special place in our lives and hearts that they never ever leave us. The guidance they have given us, the lessons they have taught us and the blanket of love they have wrapped us in keeps us warm forever.
How lovely for Sonja to have you for a friend.
Warm hugs Angel :>)