Sunday, May 06, 2007

My granny square afghan

I just came home from my weekend at our cottage and my mother sent photos of the completed granny square afghan. This will look really nice with my bed quilt when I get it finished. Maybe knowing this is coming will give me incentive to get that bed quilt done. I have put it off far too long.

I love the nostalgic look of granny squares. I decided to search online for some information about the origins of this afghan. I found an article "The Glorious Granny" written by Carol Alexander. It is very interesting for all of you also bitten by this granny square bug lately.

Here is a small excerpt:

"Thus, it’s a well-drawn conclusion that someone, somewhere, must have finally taken the transplanted lace crochet techniques and experimented with a bit of wool and the thickest of the small lace-making crochet hooks. Not only was the wool easier to work with, its pliability and warmth made it easily adaptable to making functional, much-needed family items such as blankets and layettes for babies, shawls, scarves, afghans, rugs and clothing. The discovery that materials other than fine linen threads could be used for crochet created an overwhelming demand for the development of new wools and larger-size crochet hooks. Manufacturers happily complied and soon a variety of yarns and hooks made from bone and wood began to appear."

Read the full article here:


Anonymous said...

Oh, Heidi, your afghan looks lovely! Your mom is certainly fast ~ I've only completed a dozen squares so far, a long ways from being anything! Enjoy the warmth and love sewn into this one. ♥

Anonymous said...

So pretty and looks so cozy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi:
Your afghan is in the mail.
Love you, Mom