Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teatime Tuesdays ... oops ... Thursday

Here I am very late with my Teatime Tuesday. I had a day out with a friend on Tuesday. She came and got me so I had a day out of the house. I was so tired in the afternoon when back home that I did not post my teatime recipe. So here we are on Thursday and I hope you will forgive me but I wanted to share the next recipe.

What is a tea without the English tea sandwiches? They are so very good too. There are many kinds but this is the one I used for my last tea.

Cucumber and rocket tea sandwiches

Sturdy white bread
Rocket salad leaves
Salt and pepper

Spread butter on one side of two slices of bread. On one slice, cover with rocket leaves and then add a layer of sliced cucumber. Don't slice the cucumber paper thin as you want to be able to really taste the cucumber. Salt and pepper the cucumber to taste. Press the next buttered slice of white bread on the sandwich and cut off the crusts with a sharp bread knife. Slice the sandwich in half diagonally and wrap tightly in cellophane. Keep in the fridge until using. These sandwiches can easily be made up the day before a tea and stay fresh and crispy in the fridge.

One sandwich per person for a tea table.

I have been doing many bigger projects lately and really needed a finish. I decided to pick up a project that I put aside a year ago. I designed a little sampler for one of the hornbooks that my step father made for me. I finally decided what thread to use. I did the entire design in Carrie's Thread "Thanksgiving". I have to start working on a design for the next hornbook he made which is a very special one.

My mother and I have come up with another fun idea for a hornbook and now I just have to convince George to start making it. He said I still had to do the other ones so here is a finished hornbook George! *grins*

Edit ~ There have been a couple of questions about what a hornbook is. See an old blog entry I did about hornbooks here.


Rhonda said...

I wish I could come for Tuesday or Thursday tea, it looks yummy.

what are rocket greens? are they just a Dutch thing or do we Yanks call them something else?

Maggie said...

Cute finish Heidi, but i've got to ask, what is a hornbook??
Although your tea sounds yummy i'm afraid i will have to pass as i just don't like cucumber, LOL, no matter how i try i hate the crunch and then the sqishy bit, LOL.

Hope you are feeling much better soon

Anonymous said...

The hornbook is wonderful! Feel better, Zeena

Pondside said...

Yummy tea!
Could you explain what a hornbook is? It looks very sweet - just the thing for a small pattern.

Susan in SC said...

What a simply lovely hornbook. Yes, George needs to go ahead and make you another one! Hope you soon start to feel better and regain some energy!


Sonja said...

Jouw hornboek is mooi geworden! Al helemaal kant en klaar! Compliment! Mijn schaatstertje is af, de sterren moeten nog, maar eerst wil ik de punt vormen, om te kunnen kijken waar ik de sterren zal borduren.

Nancy said...

Well, I am now putting in my order for the cute little sandwiches when I come. I would like to have more than just one wedge please, I loveeeee cucumbers. Don't know what the lettuce is though.
Ok, I just showed George the hornbook and he is probably going to leave a comment. It sure came out very cute. You still do have another one to be done though. No telling what he will tell you, Good luck, lol.
Love you, Mom

Tammy said...

Lovely hornbook and a great idea for a finish! Does George only take hornbook orders from Step-daughters?
Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Feel better and hugs,

Annemarie said...

Wow, spectacular, Heidi! Both the Hornbook AND the design. And the execution, of course!

Thanks also for the recipe of thoser yummie yummie sandwiches :o)

mainely stitching said...

Those sandwiches were SO yummy!

Hey, your hornbook is gorgeous. Tell George to add me to the list. LOL!

Tracy said...

I'll take tea on a Thursday too! ;o) Scrumptious little sandwiches and lovely needle work...perfect combination of treat. Hope you have a happy weekend, Heidi ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I used to work in a tea room here in England. After we made the sandwidhes we would arrange them on the plates and then cover with slightly damp paper towels. Basically, wet the towel and then squeeze out as much water as possible. They kept the sandwiches fresh and it's much easier than dealing with cling film.

Maren said...

You know, it's hot enough here in Kansas and those sandwiches sound so good, I think I know what lunch is going to be tomorrow. The only thing is, what are rockets?

Lovely hornbook! Yay on your new finish!

DonnaTN said...

I'm a bit behind since it is Saturday morning, oh well. Your tea sandwiches sound yummy, although I join in the chorus of what are rocket greens. I love the hornbook and the threads are just gorgeous. Hope you have an energized and dry weekend.

Beatrice said...

WOW the tea sandwiches look lovely. I'd love to join you..It's a bit far though.
HAED is Heaven and Earth Designs.

this is the link to the site.
I'm doing the Ice Dragon King...
1 over 1 on 25ct lugana

this is the blog site for the stitch a long..have a look.

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

What a lovely projects you have in your hands. The hornbook looks great! I will write to you soon, I haven´t been that healthy last month but am feeling a little better now.
Have a nice Sunday _ hugs, Carolien

MarianneD said...

Jouw 'Italian Ham Rolls' smaakten heerlijk en waren zo op toen ik ze met mijn verjaardag maakte....die sandwiches zien er ook heerlijk uit,maar wat is nu toch rocket salad?
Iets van ijsbergsla?
Wat een lief borduurtje....
Gaat het weer wat beter met je?

angelasweby said...

Hmmm, Heidi, yummy!
Those sandwiches look so inviting. I love rocket. In Cyprus we get really big rocket leaves and they can be a bit peppery - definitely not for delicate afternoon tea sandwiches...haha! I think your rocket is of a much more elegant refined quality :>)
Oh my, I cannot tell you how much I love that little hornbook. That design AND the gorgeous colours you have stitched it in is just beautiful. I have been desperate to find hornbooks but have had no luck at all. I may have to resort to making my own...aargh!
Hugs Angela

Fran├žoise said...

ooo so cute!!!

Brigitte said...

Your hornbook is just beautiful. I love the pattern, the thread, the form of the hornbook, just everything.