Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Teatime Tuesdays is seeing letters...

I only just realized a few days ago that I missed the last Teatime Tuesday. Sorry about that. We are trying to find humor in my forgetfulness right now and blaming absolutely everything on my silly thyroid gland. You hear us going around the house with any mishap exclaiming "Oh it's just that gland again!" whether I am the cause of the mishap or not. *grins*

This week, the recipe is one that is good for a refreshing end to a tea but also just a fun summertime treat to be enjoyed anytime.

Strawberry Buttermilk

500 gram (1 pound/2 cups) Fresh strawberries
500 ml (2 cups) buttermilk
1 tablespoon sugar

Wash the strawberries and puree them with a stafmixer or blender. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar. I taste a strawberry first as you made need more if they are not very sweet. Do this according to your own taste. Now add buttermilk. I used probably about 400 ml. Buttermilk seems to be very thin this year while we are used to a thick buttermilk normally here in Holland. You don't want this drink to become too watery. Taste a spoon of it as you go to get it just right. You can use it as a summer drink at this stage or add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an extra creamy treat. For a tea, I place a small scoop of vanilla ice cream in a wine glass and pour the strawberry buttermilk over to fill the glass. Serve with a spoon. Even if you don't normally like buttermilk, give this a try as I think you will be surprised.

I can finally share an update again on my French letter sampler. This is a project I am doing with two friends. We will be using it on a wooden sewing box. It is great fun to let this sampler develop as I go along. Each time I pick a new letter H or symbol that I want to use on my box. I have used scissors and plan on stitching a few more sewing symbols.

I want to include things like my DHs initials but also a silhouette of a cat to symbolize Dagi. Thanks to SS for her help with this but I now have found the purrfect cat! This just looks so much like Dagi. He sat on my lap this weekend while I stitched it so there are even a few of his cat hairs worked into the piece for good luck.

I finally pulled out the stitchs of this little H that were in the very light shade of pink. It did not work well on my linen so I have restitched it in a brick red now that works well on the linen but also with the fabric I will be lining my sewing box in. I am off to search through my charts again for some more motifs. Gee, this is such great fun 'designing as you go' that I would highly recommend it! If you have ever wanted to create your own French letter sampler, just get out your needle and thread and start. You won't be sorry.


Nancy said...

Ok, as for the drink, just a spoon full of sugarrrr helps the medicine go downnnnnnnn. LOL. That doesn't sound good to me.
The letters you are doing are really nice, and of course, Dagi is just too cute as usual.
Love you, Mom

Pondside said...

I really enjoy seeing the progress on your French letter sampler - the little cat is very sweet!
You inspire me, Heidi!

Linda said...

Heidi, your sampler is coming right a long. It's just a treat looking at your lovely stitching. I love the little kitty...it looks like Dagi posed for it. Thank you for recipe...I haven't had buttermilk in years and this does sound delicious.....hugs, Linda

mainely stitching said...

Your sampler is looking so lovely, and that kitty is just a perfect stand-in for Dagi!

You take care, okay? Thinking of you!!

hazel c UK said...

Thanks for the recipe Heidi it sounds lovely, your sampler is coming along a treat and the cat is Dagi to a "T".
Do hope you are feeling a little better, we have sunshine here in the UK, lovely.
Warm hugs,
Hazel (UK)

Rhonda said...

Hello Heidi
love your H sampler!

sorry to be "missing" I've been busy with my parents and when I've been home, I've spent my free time working on a king size quilt for Nina and John.

I hopefully will get to the stockings after that quilt.

angelasweby said...

Lovely progress Heidi, and you are right, the little silhouette looks just like Dagi.
Thanks so much for the recipe.
Hugs Angela

Anonymous said...

Jouw letterlap begint een mooi geheel te worden. De kat past er heel goed bij!
Mijn letterlap is wat aandacht tekortgekomen... Ik loop nogal achter met de grote lap. Bovendien borduur ik minder met dit mooie weer en de gezellig langere avonden.
Morgen weer 3 dagen werken, misschien 's avonds wat tijd voor een paar steekjes.
Veel borduurplezier! En liefs Son
Ps aanmelden lukt me ff niet ik val bijna in slaap en dat is maar goed ook (0.30 uur) wekker staat op 6.10 oei dat wordt een korte nacht

Ginny said...

I love your French letter sampler, especially the cat. This is going to be a fabulous piece when it's finished.

Terri said...

I like that sampler, Heidi, very much.

Beatrice said...

OH Heidi your H's are wonderful on the French letter Sampler. And the kitty is toooo cute!!
I love buttermilk I'm going to try this.
I think Dutch folks all like Buttermilk don't they. My Mom loves it too.
So Sunday we just might have one of those.
The table and the Ice Coffee look great to!!!!
Groetjes uit Canada

blackbird said...

Your recipe sounds wonderful. A local dairy has its products newly available where I shop. This will give me an excuse to try their buttermilk.

I always have buttermilk in the fridge for waffles and sometimes it's thick and sometimes thin. It doesn't seem to matter in the end product.

Brenda said...

I found your blog, oddly enough, doing a google search on Beatrix Potter.

I love both of your blogs, especially your posts about your garden. It is enchanting!

You now have another fan!

Roberta said...

Hi Heidi, love the little stitch of Dagi on you 'H' sampler.

Hope you are doing well.


Annemarie said...

Your French letter sampler is coming along so nicely, Heidi! Just out of curiosity: is there a chart of these letters, or are you really making it up as you go along? Because in that case, I think I would like to try one myself. Your colours are spectacular, and of course the addition of Dagi (and his hair) is just fabulous.

Forgot to tell you that my Strawberry Buttermilk was a success, and rightly so. Yummmmmmm.
Hope your nasty thyroid is starting to behave better. Although... if that be the case, what will you say if you forget something?

Brigitte said...

Your sampler is looking so lovely, particularly with Dagi on it.

Sweet Sue said...

Hi Heidi, your letter sampler is lovely, looking forward to seeing more of it. I enjoyed perusing your blog, old and new, thank you:)

Sweet Stitchin...