Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Santa's workshop...

The workshop is open and things are very busy here...

I have finished all three sets of coasters for the winners of my giveaway. You can click on the photos to enlarge them. I hope I interpreted their color choices well for them. First there is DonnaTN who asked for country reds and greens. I thought using four fabrics on the front gave a real country patchwork feeling.

Her backing fabric is a country barn red with little trees.

Margaret asked for traditional deep red and hunter green. Now I took the liberty to use a fabric with a good deal of cream in it also as I thought this combination of fabrics gave a true traditional Christmas feeling.

I choose two backing fabrics simply because I liked them both. Two coasters have snowflakes and two spots.

And last for Marie, I used a red print with berries on it combined with a green with branches. Just pure Christmas I think.

Her backs have a combination of both colors with a festive look. I hope they will all three enjoy their coasters. They are on the way ladies as I just received the last address this evening.

While sewing these coasters, I am also stitching my Santa banner. It is coming along nicely. I changed the colors just ever so slightly to match my new couches.

So many of you asked me to give more details about this book in order to look into ordering it. I really can recommend it with a warning. It is so adorable that you may want to stitch each and every design in it! *grins*

The book is from Germany and by Rico Design Book #108. It is called 'Winter Fairytale' by Annette Jungmann. They do have a website listed on the cover of the book but I checked and cannot find the book there. It is www.rico-design.de. The linen for the banners is also from this company.

I am including more photos of items contained within the book. You can also contact the shop where I purchased my book here. This shop is owned by a very friendly couple who are willing to help and do mail order for countries all over the world. Just send her an email with a request for this title and/or the linen for the banners.


Nanny Ree said...

Heidi they look just gorgeous!!!!!!! I can't wait to see your finished banner . Marie x

Nancy said...

The coasters are all very pretty.
I bet the ladies will love them. You do such beautiful work. That Santa is going to be soooo cute.
I like the very skinny ones in the book, are you going to stitch them too?
Talk to you later tomorrow, going to breakfast unless it is snowing. lol.
Love you, Mom

Susan in SC said...

Very pretty coasters. What lucky girls to get a gift from you!!

Beatrice said...

Wow those are absolutely stunning. What lucky ladies to have won these from you!

Roberta said...

The coasters are lovely, Heidi, I am sure the girls who won will be so pleased when they receive them.

I am hoping that next Sunday my name will be drawn.

How are the doors doing??

Happy Holidays,

Pat said...

Your coasters are beautiful. How nice of you to make them so special. I am sure that the ladies will love them.

mainely stitching said...

TOO beautiful, Heidi!!! And I love the stitching progress, too!

Anonymous said...

Je coasters zijn leuk geworden Heidi!Daar zal je een paar mensen heel blij mee maken!En wat wordt je Santa mooi....

Solstitches said...

I didn't know whether to peek or not but in the end I couldn't resist :) I love my new coasters very much. The fabrics you chose for me are just perfect! Thank you!
What a cute banner. I love those little Rico designs books.

hazel c UK said...

These little coasters are so Christmas looking and I am sure the winners will be thrilled with them. Look forward to Sunday to see if my name appears.

Happy day Heidi,
Hazel (UK)

Elizabethd said...

Beautiful, Heidi...but couldnt we all have them??!!

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

Your coasters have such rich colours, beautiful! Great job.

Hugs, Carolien

Sonja said...

En wat een mooi boek,he`! Ik kon ook niet wachten en ben begonnen met het jongetje, op de rode loper. Komt nog wel een keer om m'n blog. Son

Margaret said...

Gorgeous coasters for some very lucky ladies!!

Your new stitching book looks great and I am sure you will get many happy stitching hours from it.

You commented on the 'Win a Pin' but didn't indicate whether you wanted to enter the draw or not. Shall I add your name Heidi?

It's snowing here today.

Pondside said...

The coasters are very pretty, indeed! You can't go wrong with red and green at this time of year.
I too tried to find the book online but no matter what I typed in, it didn't come up. I'll talk to my local book store, as this is something that really appeals to me. I find that every year I go back to my Danish cross stitch pattern books because I rarely find patterns anymore to rival them - but this book has tempted me. Perhaps I'll get in touch witht the shop if, as you say, they do lots of international mail order.

Linda said...

The coasters are wonderful! I know the ladies are going to be thrilled.
I really like the patchwork balls and that is the prettiest fabric...have a happy evening...hugs, Linda