Monday, December 08, 2008

Hi! It's me again.....

Well, someone has to let all our blogging friends know about our weekend so I thought I would once again. My mommy has had a bad turn in her cold which seems to not want to let go. She has had it since October but now it is really bad. I could have told her so after she did that decorating at Cranberry Cottage.

But does she listen to me?

It looks fine and you have done enough so would you please come back inside and sit down to stitch so I can crawl up on your lap where I belong? By the way, she did finish another alphabet on her Ohio sampler. I will remind her to take a photo soon of the progress.

I got to chat with my grandmother this weekend while at the cottage. Always nice to stay in contact with family, of course, but all this typing makes me tired. *grins* At home, we can actually talk and I love to come and sit in front of the computer and tell her lots of things.

Right now I would tell her about how I took care of my mommy last night. She has been having trouble breathing when she lays down. Last night, she thought she quietly got up and went downstairs to have a cup of tea. I kept watch over her but decided to sneak back upstairs and paw my daddy's face until he got up. Who is he to sleep when mommy is downstairs not feeling well? Well, I took care of that and he came down to see how she was. *grins* I was rather proud of myself and curled up in mommy's lap purring once I had them together.

Mommy did pull the winners names for the second round of the giveaway and here they are ~ Linda, Pondside and Barbara/MO. Congratulations and please be sure to email her and give her your address so she can mail them as they are made.

Until my next entry, I hope all my blogging friends are having a great December and find time to sit and stitch or quilt between all the holiday preparations. You do have to remember us four~footed friends after all and sit down to cuddle once in a while!


Susan in SC said...

Dagi - what a good kitty you are to take care of your mommy like you do! Make sure she takes care of herself. Thank you for letting us know what is going on!!

mainely stitching said...

You take care of yourself, Heidi!

Brigitta said...

Hello Dagi, what a sweet, caring kitty you are for looking after mommy like you do. I bet she's very proud of you. Well, you keep an eye on her and tell her to look after herself and that the cottage looks absolutely beautiful!!

Terri said...

Well, the cold virus going around here is pretty bad but I think a 2 month long cold is a little extreme! Have you been to the doctor?
Take good care of yourself!

Sonja said...

Hello Dagi, you are such a sweet kitty! You take care that your mommy takes good care of herself! Keep on doing that, she needs this kind of attention.

Pondside said...

Well Dagi - you and your mommy have been busy!! I can't think of a better way to start the week than with such cheery news! I'll be sure to send an email off to your mommy right away. Please thank your mommy for me - a gentle tickly behind the ears to you for being such a lovely little nursemaid.

Brigitte said...

Heidi, your decorated Cranberry Cottage looks so beautiful. I love those pictures. And the one of Dagi, of course (I don't want to offen her, lol).

Sorry to hear that you have problems to get rid of your cold. Two months is way too long but those viruses seem to be very persevering this winter. I hope tat you will feel much better for Christmas.

Saskia said...

I love what you did at cranberry cottage.
It's looks a lot like Christmas..
Sorry to hear you can't get rid of that cold. I hope it's gone by next week. Today was my last visit to the dentist. My tooth is al new and better now!
give Dagi a 'stickie' from me. He did a great job!

Linda said...

Good good kitty cat for watching over your Mommy!!

Tell her to feel better soon!

Linda in VA

Linda said...

Oh Dagi, I'm sorry your mommy is not feeling well, I'm glad you're there to keep her company and warm and cozy. Please tell her Cranberry Cottage looks so pretty and also I'm so happy to have won a set of her coasters...I'm thrilled. Let her know I'll get my address off to her. Hugs to you both..Linda

Nancy said...

I am so proud of you. You did a good job, waking your Daddy up. It was very nice talking to you on the weekend and yes we did have a nice talk. You keep straightening that family out and make them listen. Tell Mommy to put Vicks on and go buy the cough drops that work for her. You are right, she just should sit with you and stitch.
Love, Gramma/Mom

Ginny said...

Dagi, please tell your mommy that I hope she gets better very soon. You're a good kitty to take such good care of her.

Anonymous said...

Wat een gezellige foto"s!!! Heel sfeervol!!

Solstitches said...

What a sweet post from Dagi :) and what a clever cat he is.
Heidi, I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly. Please get well soon.
Congrats. to your lucky coaster winners! I am still excitedly waiting for mine from the first round.

Tracy said...

Dagi! So happy to see you...and what a sweetie your taking such good care of your mommy. Keep a good eye on her...sound like she needs some care and attention still. Please tell I hope she gets well very soon. Two months with a cold is a long time...May she be taking good care now, resting so she can enjoy Christmas coming up soon. Keep us posted on things there when you can...And all the decorating is beautiful--your mommy is so clever! ((HUGS)) to you Dagi, and your mommy :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi
Wat ziet dat er gezellig uit,knus he dat tuttelen in en om het huis,maar denk om jezelf neem maar een flinke groc dat helpt.
Ik zie je volgende week heb er zin in.
Hug Joke.

Carolien said...

I think it's in the air in Holland. It almost seems hopeless, you having it for such a long time, me having it since October, you hear it EVERYWHERE!!!
Do you think Dagi can chase it? She's very skilled when disease comes up ... Fietje only brings mouses in the house, brrr ...

Beterschap!!! hugs, Carolien