Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A special Christmassy birthday present...

When your birthday falls in December, it is easy to give presents that have a Christmas theme and this is what I made for a very special friend. I found out she received it in time for her birthday which made me so happy after working diligently on it in December and now I can share the photos with you...

This little tabletop quilt is in colors Diane loves. I hand quilted the words Merry Christmas and Vrolijk Kerstfeest (Dutch) in the border but it does not show in the photos unfortunately. It connects us being in the two countries.

To see the quilting well, you have to look at the back of a quilt and I also always include a hand written label done in calligraphy. I hope the love I tried to stitch into this quilt will show you how much I appreciate our friendship Diane!

On another note, I have lately considered stopping this blog and combining it with my Celebrate the Seasons home and garden blog. It seems the comments are less and less and I thought I should perhaps move on. I want to personally thank Heather, Suzann, Teresa, Diane, Angela, Donna and Roberta for their comments about this blog. It came at a moment that made me realize I should keep the two blogs separate and continue with NeedleNecessitites. And thanks to my mother who has always been inspiring and encouraging to me in anything I try to do! You are a star in my life! Thank you all for your kind words!


Teresa said...

The birthday gift is beautiful. How wonderful that she has you in her life.
Your blog means so much to me. It makes me feel like I live next door and there isn't an ocean between us. I am going to share something I usually wouldn't, my last name is Hague. I don't know my family tree, but I hope it is not just a coincidence. When I saw you lived in the Netherlands I was drawn to your blog and to Carolien's. The traditions and pictures mean so much. I can't thank you enough.

Much joy and happiness in 2008.
Teresa Hague

Nancy said...

Diane's quilt is gorgeous Heidi! She sent an email to the stitching group as soon as it arrived, and she was so pleased to say the least! Beautiful work on your part as always!

diane said...

I am so lucky to have the friend I have found in Heidi, regardless of her monumental talent and generosity, she is just overall, a wonderful person. I think that everyone "sees" that, it comes thru powerfully in this blog and your other one. I am flabberghasted and in awe that you quilted the words into the border. Ladies, this looks as if done by machine, it is so precise and perfect!! Thank you, again, Heidi!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi sweet Heidi!! How was your Christmas? I hope that all was wonderful!! I love the card from you AND the adorable fabric that you sent to me. I think that I will make a tote out of it!! It would be cute paired with denim and ticking.

The snowmen ornies are just cute as can be and you continue to amaze me with your talent and extraordinary care in stitching each piece. Such precision and artistic touches!

My goal this week is to sit down and design a rag doll to make. Have been wanting to do this for many years, so I cannot think of a better time.

Hugs to you, Jos and Dagi!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

PS: This quilt that you made for your friend is so special. What a lovely present to give to someone so close to you.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thanks for your Christmas wishes, Heidi! I do hope that your Christmas celebrations were joyous. We had very mild weather conditions on Christmas Day so it was very comfortable and enjoyable. The west side of Australia is currently suffering with extreme heat - it will probably reach us in a few days, although I will be away in Tasmania visiting my eldest son, leaving on Saturday to travel on the boat. It takes about 9 hours to get to 'Tassie' but you can take your car across too.
I really admire all of the beautiful work that you do and always enjoy looking at your blog, and you work so quickly that there is always something different to see. I appreciate your tutorials, they are really easy to follow.
Thankyou for sharing your work with us and I look forward to more fabulous needlework in 2008.

Susimac said...

Lovely quilt Heidi. Oh I do hope you don't stop doing this blog, I enjoy your tutorials so much as well as your lovely stitching.

Anonymous said...

Did you have such wonderful Christmasdays as I have, I hope so. Ofcourse it takes a lot of time to make the two blogs but I love it so much to look at it every day as I come home from my work. So I hope you really continue it. Ook al geven we geen "comment" we genieten er toch van! Tot de volgende keer.

DaisyGirl said...

I love the little quilt! I've put up my quilts again because of you!

Carolien said...

What a beautiful quilt you have made for Diane! (Do you ever sleep, by the way??? LOL) What a nice fabric, the one with the little trees on it. Very special!

I hope you had a nice Christmas time in your cottage. Up we go for the 'oliebollen' now. Do you like them?
And thanks for your comment on my blog. The 3 girls have 2 weeks holiday, hurray!

Greetings, Carolien

Anonymous said...

Heidi, this is beautiful and I might have to visit Diane just so I can look at it up close! I don't get to your blog on a daily basis but I do try to catch up with it once a week or so. I am so glad you have decided to keep it and I promise to be better with leaving comments. I am soooo jealous of your talents and I would miss seeing everthing if the blog went away.

Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi, Diane's table top quilt is beautiful and you can read from her thank you message how thrilled she was to receive it. Please keep this blog going for I don't always comment but I love seeing what you have been stitching and doing. Pleased you had a good Christmas and look forward to our friendship with the group continuing in 2008. Love Hazel

Clare said...

What a thoughtful friend you are - a truely delightful quilt.

angelasweby said...

Your quilt for Diane is breathtaking, not only in it's design and creation but also in the amazing love and thoughtfulness that was sewn in with every tiny stitch. Your gifts are more than just something to look at and to touch. They also have a message to pass on, a gesture which reaches out and a silver thread that connects you with the recipient, forever. :>)No wonder Diane is touched by your gift in so many ways.

Heidi, like many others, I would be so sad to see this blog close. Your two blogs give me so much pleasure every day and are both very individual. I know it's a lot of work for you so it isn't fair of me to try and dissuade you...but I'm afraid I'm going to...please....haha!
Hugs and a wonderful and peaceful new year :>)
Love Angela

Ginny said...

What a lovely gift; I'm sure it will be treasured.

Susan in SC said...

Heidi - I truly hope you don't stop this blog. I read your blogs often and would be saddened not to see the new craft work! Happy Holidays! Susan in SC

Nancy said...

This is so pretty, I bet Diane is so happy to get a nice gift from Miss Pickles the Elf. You always do a wonderful job.
Love you, Mom

Karen said...

Heidi - that quilt is soooo pretty and I'm sure your friend was thrilled to receive it. You get so much done - you are one busy gal.

I hope that you continue to do this blog as well as your other one. I love visiting them both and your tutorials are wonderful.

I will be talking with the peeps about the swap we talked about.

Hugs - Karen

Christine said...

Awwww, what a nice little quilt for Diane. Love the colours. She must have been over the moon to receive it.

Please don't shut down any of your blogs. I think you should have another 10 blogs as you are so creative, make the most interesting things and have such beautiful photos to share.

Solstitches said...

What a gorgeous little quilt this is Heidi. I can imagine Diane being absolutely thrilled when she opened her gift from you.
I wish I could see the quilt for real as would love to see the hand quilted wording.