Friday, December 28, 2007

Nothing like stitching friends!

That has been an often stated sentiment lately with a number of my online stitching friends lately. This is such a true statement and I have found that meeting others online who share my passions for needlework or decorating has enriched my life. I am not going to combine the two blogs so I will continue to share my needlework with you all here and look forward to many wonderful things to create in 2008! Thank you all once again for all the comments left this past year.

In my last entry, I shared the quilt that I made for my friend Diane. She and I met through a Yahoo stitching list and we connected instantly having lots in common. We started emailing privately as well as on the stitching list. I love keeping up with her life over in Michigan.

She made me this adorable pillow this year for a Christmas gift. I just love it and it matches my patchwork quilt on our bed so perfectly. I will use it as a part of a spring display downstairs but I love the thought of seeing it each day on my bed and thinking of a good friend.

This close~up can be enlarged by clicking on it to read the sweet verse about friendship.

She also sent me the cutest acorn salt and pepper shakers. One thing that Diane and I share is a great love of the autumn and all the things that go with it ~ sights, colors, smells, etc.. We both love acorns. I don't think I can wait until next autumn to use these.

Thank you so much Diane and thank so being such a great friend!


Nancy said...

Sorry Heidi, but as a note for your Celebrsate blog I kept thinking that my comment didn;t work, so I entered it over and over. I Just want to tell your friends, I had to bring Heidi's tree for her cottage to Holland in my suitcase. What I don;t do for my spoiled girl.
Your gift is really pretty.
Love you, Mom

Karen said...

Well that pillow is a sweet gift to receive in the mail. Very CUTE The wonderful thing about blogging is connecting with people that we would otherwise never have the good fortune to meet and sharing our same interests.

Oh I am soooo with you on the autumn thing. That is my #1 favorite time of the year and everything about it like you said. Those salt and pepper shakers are ADORABLE and how fun to have.

Hugs - karen

Tanya Willis Anderson said...

I've never seen anything like those acorns - how great they look! The pillow is beautiful ~ what a treasure from a dear friend.

Happy New Year, Heidi :)

Nancy said...

What a pretty pillow Diane made for you! I love the Prairie Schooler Friends leaflets - beautiful design! And, the acorn shakers are gorgeous, and so you Heidi! Enjoy your gifts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful pillow Diane made for your. I can imagine your are really glad with such a friend. And I am so glad that you will continue both blogs. Thanks Heidi.
Have a nice weekend.

Ginny said...

What a beautiful pillow! I love seeing needlework finishes other than frames. One of my goals for 2008 is to do something with the bag of completed projects I have, so this is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Your pillow is beautiful Heidi and I love the way Diane has put charms along the side. This is such a lovely verse, in fact it was the one I chose to stitch for Angela S when I went to visit. The acorn sp are so unusual. Thanks for sharing Hazel.

Susan in SC said...

What a lovely pillow - makes me want to get out my cloth and start stitching and sewing! ~susan in SC

Teresa said...

Your gifts are so sweet and from the heart. It is wonderful to meet people with common interest, but then to form friendships is the extra bonus.

I haven't explored my family tree, but I am beginning to think I will.

Happy New Year

Susan said...

Stitching friends are the best and I met some wonderful friends over the net. Love your work.

Christine said...

Your so lucky Heidi to not only receive such a wonderful gift but to have found such a wonderful friend.

Beautiful stitching and finishing Diane.

Best wishes for 2008.

angelasweby said...

I am so thrilled you are not closing this blog. it's the best news!
Your gift from Diane is really beautiful. What a heartfelt present. I love that little poem. It sums up everything we all feel about friendship. We are a closer band of friends than even we realise sometimes as Hazel stitched up the verty same design for me when she came to stay. I treasure it :>) Diane has made such a beautiful job of finishing it and, I just love the really gorgeous acorn shakers.
Warm hugs, Angela

Lizzie said...

You are blessed by friendship indeed- what a lovely handmade gift! Thank you for sharing it.

Deb said...

Gorgeous pillow! I just love that PS design. What a great thing that we can make friends through our computers!

Solstitches said...

I've always loved that PS design and and I think Diane made the perfect choice.
It looks wonderful finished into the little pillow and those salt and pepper pots are just adorable.
What a wonderful gift to receive.