Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And moving them around some more.....

Thank you for your kind remarks about the quilt I shared in my last entry. I have decided against using that quilt. It looked so cold and uninviting on the bed. I got out our old bed quilt which I made with William Morris and Smithsonian Reproduction fabrics. I also became very inspired yesterday as to some things I want to do to this room. It will mean some furniture changes which we will get to as soon as we can.

I got told off by my mother for calling it the guest room last time so I will say my mother's room. She does use this room when she comes to stay each year. Shhh, don't tell her but it IS her room. I like it to be warm and cozy for her. She, like me, does not like sleeping under a duvet and I am removing them. There is nothing like sleeping under a quilt. For extra warmth, simply add some blankets and afghans.

Last night was my lace evening. We were missing one of the three of us but decided to go ahead anyway. We really want to make some more Christmas ornaments in time for the holidays. I wanted to share a preview of my star. It is such a quick pattern that I will have it finished this evening. It is fun when the bobbin lace goes so fast.


Nancy said...

OK, my room looks so ready for me. Did I get an table beside my bed yet? HaHa. I do love that quilt. Your are just my talented girl. Who would have ever thought????
I love the star, it is so pretty.
Did you tell Jannie and Sonja hello for me?
Love you, and I will be home tonight. Good thing, I want to cheat for my home schooled great

Solstitches said...

Another beautiful quilt Heidi!
The pillows look really pretty too.
I shall look forward to seeing your finished lace ornament. It's already looking very lovely indeed.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous quilt Heidi, and I'm still amazed by your bobbin lace!

Teresa said...

The bobbin lace is beautiful. I am not sure I could do that, but it looks tempting.
The quilt is amazing. The pillows work well with it. The room is lovely and makes me want to visit. LOL!!

diane said...

This quilt is more beautiful than the last and I agree it is more warm and cozy to me, too! hey, ask your mom, since it is HER room, LOL! How many ornaments did you end up lacing for this year?

Rhonda said...

Hello Heidi,
mostly just stoppin by to say Hello since I have not looked at your blogs for several days.
Your lace making looks so interesting, I don't think I want to make any but I would love to watch some else do it.
In your lace group, do you each work on your own project or do you all work on the same thing, all those lace bobbins look a bit daunting.

TeresaB said...

The quilt and pillows look wonderful together. I'm so impressed by the lace star. I love to watch lace makers, but have never tried it myself. Can't wait to see it all finished an on a tree.

Kristen said...

Oh, that quilt is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE IT! It is so nice that she has a special place to stay when she visits that is hers. You are a great daughter! I can't wait to see your finished ornament as well!

Karen said...

Heidi - that quilt is beautiful and so was the other quilt you were considering. Those pillows are such a wonderful accent to your quilt. My guest room is called The Rosanne room because that's my sisters name and she's the one who stays in it the most, and wants credit like your Mom, LOL.
That lace project is amazing and it looks so complicated and kinda scary, LOL. Truly a precious keepsake.

Hugs - Karen

staci said...

I'm green with envy, lol!!! Your quilts are just gorgeous!!! And your bobbin lace amazes me!

Angela said...

I do love having a little peep into your beautiful home. This quilt is realy lovely. I love the pillows on your bed too. It's so refreshing to have a change around, keeps the energy flowing :>)
Your lace ornaments are always a real treat to see. I remember last years so well. Im looking forward to seeing the 2008 collection :>)
Hugs, Angela