Sunday, November 25, 2007

My UFO quilt finish

Here at last is my latest quilt UFO finish! I must stop taking photos in the evenings and am sorry for the quality as my camera does not take great photos in the evening light. I did not want to wait to share this finish though. I made up this quilt as one of three samples for a ragged edge quilt class I gave. It is a method using no seams and sews layers of a motif, in this case hearts, onto each other followed my then cutting them in four and resewing them together all higgildy~piggildy (just love that word) back together. The messier the better but mine usually come out too neat. I have shown you the quilt called Bull's Eye before which was the model using circles. I also made one using squares which I did not cut apart. I use that quilt up at Cranberry Cottage.

Here is the label for this quilt entitled Mended Hearts. I am glad I don't have to reveal when this one was started.

As with many of my sample tops, they got placed on a quilt rack to be quilted in the future. This has led to a ridiculous amount of UFOs for me. I am trying to put a dent in them this year. I must admit that this one has been a relief to me. I just did not enjoy the hand quilting on it. I decided to meander it by hand and it took a long time so I kept setting it aside. I just could not put my heart into this one ~ no pun intended. I have swore for 2 past Valentine's Days that I would finish it and having it hanging. This year, it is ready.

Just in case you are not sure what a ragged edge quilt or meandering is, here is a close~up of one of the heart blocks. Time to pick my next UFO to concentrate on...


Nancy said...

Heidi, it is not 2008 yet. It will be by Valentine's Day thou.
Your quilt really came out so cute. I love the square one at the cottage, as you well know. It looks so right in that room.
Love you, Mom

Nancy said...

Heidi I don't blame you at all for not wanting to wait to share a photo. This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it. I love hearts any time, but I love the way they are put back together in an imperfect way, and I think the way it is quilted here and there is so interesting. Fantastic work as always!

Teresa said...

Heidi, I really like the ragged edge heart quilt. The heart shape is my favorite. I like the idea of making something that is not meant to be so neat and perfect. Like all your crafts it looks beautful. I am looking forward to making something similar.

Carolien said...

Hello Heidi, I LOVE your quilt! What a nice idea, those mended hearts. Must have been quite a job to quilt ... The result is stunning, though. Congratulations!
Thanks again for your nice comments on my blog. I have put the RR 'Borduren en quilten' as a little cloth on my sewing box and i can certainly recommend the sampler of Marjolein Bastin. It was a nice one to make. The thing I loved most about it was to make the border!
Good luck with the other UFO's, I'm bending myself over some of mine now ... Have a nice day! Carolien

CONNIE W said...

It's a really pretty quilt.

Beertje Zonn said...

Lovely Quilt!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Heidi! (everytime I write that it reminds me of my "Hi Heidi" doll that I had as a child...) ;)

Boy, I had some catching up to do on your posts! Everything looks so lovely and you really are an artist! I am always impressed at how much you get done! Wowzas!

LOVE the UFO quilt! The fabrics and colors are just wonderful and so warm! Such perfection in each stitch - hand and machine. Now, when you wash it, do the edges get more ragged?

Off to tackle some more pillows. Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing with us.


diane said...

I love this quilt and it must feel so good to have an "old" UFO done! If you have too many quilts, you can always send some my way!!! LOL I don't know how you could even part with them, but I want to cozy up under one, some day! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi you're doing good working through your UFO's. What a sweet "heart quilt". I've seen the ragged edge quilts but I've not stitched one (yet).

Solstitches said...

What a pretty little quilt Heidi. You've finished it well in time for Valentines 2008.
I have heard the term meandering but am not familiar with ragged edge technique. It looks wonderful - way too nice to have been a UFO for so long.


Kristen said...

It is beautiful! That seems like so much work! You are amazing! WOW!!!

Angela said...

The idea of mending a heart is so romantic and the ragged edges and little imperfections are very endearing. I love hearing about all the different quilt patterns and seeing such wonderful examples. Your label is lovely too.Another thing I love to see is the variety of ways you enjoy your quilts. The ones used as little table coverings are especially pretty.
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Une merveille!!!
Gorgeous like always

Andylynne said...

Learned something new as usual, and that quilt is wonderful. I love the details of it. Not being a quilter ( yet) I don't know if I would like the hand quilting or not. I have hand tied some quickies, and liked making something, somone could use. I did make a wall hanging that is suppose to be quilted so it will be my first. Right now it's in the UFO pile, along with my wool sampler to be framed, and my angora/alpaca scarf that's alomost done ( knit) I just love fabric,fiber and stitching!

Karen said...

Heidi - that quilt is adorable. I've made the bullseye and it's really a fun way to make a quilt.

I'm with you on the UFO's and hope to cross things off the list for 2008. It's always more fun to start something new and that's when I get in trouble with finishing things.

Hugs - karen

Christine said...

Oh my!! I just love it! How unique. Your quilts are just beautiful Heidi.