Thursday, April 26, 2007

Progress on WIP roll

Just a quick peek at the quilted WIP roll I am sewing. I am not a fan of machine quilting but am doing this since I think it will hold up better being constantly rolled and unrolled. My friend Diane saw this on another blog and we both loved it so I am making this one for her and then will put one together for myself later. Hope you like it so far Diane. I must say the photo does not do the fall colors justice. I will finish the quilting tomorrow and then cut fabric to make some bias binding for finishing it off.


Anonymous said...

OH MY!!! I made the picture bigger and Sarah and I ooh'd and aah'd over each square. My breath is taken away!! I could NEVER make something like this! BOY, am I blessed to have a friend like YOU!!!!

Olha...e se eu pudesse entrar na sua vida... said...

I love it! so well put together, and the colours are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

It looks nice, Heidi. I like the way you are quilting it. As you know, I'm unable to do quilting by hand so I do everything on the machine. I can't wait to see the end result! ♥